MCSD Communications

  • 4/2/20 - GOOD TO KNOW:

    • Schoology Issues- As districts around the globe also make the transition to online learning, many service providers are struggling to meet the unprecedented demand. Schoology, a cloud hosted application, has seen nearly 400% increase in usage of the platform almost overnight. We anticipate seeing temporary outages from many of the sites we utilize as demand peaks throughout the day. There is extremely heavy usage from 10:30-12:30 as the western side of the country comes online. We know Schoology is working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.
    • FAQ-We have the FAQ posted on the District Website. If you have an outstanding question that has not been addressed, please be in touch. As mentioned the other day, our current plan runs through the 13th. For the next phase of Online Learning, we will include a second part to the FAQ.
    • Schoology Tutorial- Our Tech Leaders have created a tutorial for how to log onto Schoology. Please see the District Website for more information.
    • Food Distribution- Our Food service distribution continues to be going strong. Next week, we will keep the same distribution times and places that we did this week (Tuesday & Thursday; 7 AM to 1PM at the High School).
    • Easter Break- Everyone is ‘off’ on Good Friday. Online Learning will resume on Monday, April 13th. As a friendly reminder, we are shutdown per the State’s orders until directed otherwise.
  • 3/30/20 - GOOD TO KNOW:

    • School Closure-   Earlier this afternoon, Governor Wolf announced that all K-12 Pennsylvania schools will remain closed until further notice. As we have more information, we will be sure to be in touch. 
    • COVID-19 Website- We now have a COVID-19 section of our website that contains all information unique to our extended closure departments.  Please navigate to for more information.
    • Food Distribution- Here is an important message from our Food Service Director: “To ensure safety, the Food Service Department requests that all individuals coming to pick up food stay in their vehicles. Upon arrival, simply roll down the window to provide the number of children food is needed for and their names. Please clear out a designated space for food to be placed, preferably the trunk of the vehicle. Thank you for your cooperation.”

    Food Distribution pick up will be tomorrow and Thursday at the High School. (7 AM to 1 PM)

    • Online Learning – We get underway with our Online Learning Program this Wednesday. I believe you will see a stark difference from the ‘enrichment’ activities offered for the past two weeks. On a related note, if you are still in need of Internet in your home, please be in touch asap. We highly encourage all of our families/learners to participate in the activities our facilitators are providing.
    • Shifting Sand- Along the lines of Online Learning, I have heard from a number of parents asking when ‘grades’, transcripts, etc.  will come into play. We have established a plan for April 1st through the 13th. With the Governor’s Announcement today, we now shift our planning to an even more prolonged absence. Please know we are working on the details of the aforementioned…and when we have our plan finalized, we will be in touch. Again, I appreciate your patience as we navigate waters that change on a daily basis.
    • FAQ- We are working our way through a Frequently Asked Questions Document. We are addressing both questions posed to us and ones we anticipate. While we do NOT have the answers to everything, we are working diligently to address as many as we can. We will have this document to you on Thursday. And, whatever information we have, we will share.
    • 3/26/20 CONTINUITY OF EDUCATION - Thanks to our facilitators, principals and curriculum team for working very hard to prepare for online activities during our extended closure. Beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2020, your child will be able to access online activities from all your child’s facilitators through Schoology. Tomorrow, you will receive an email from your child’s principal that will be followed by email communication from your child’s teacher(s). Should you encounter any issues with lessons or technology, please reach out directly to your child’s teacher. While this next phase of work is voluntary, we are highly encouraging all of our learners to participate in the activities being developed by our learning facilitators. We have opted to keep this voluntary as we have ‘hope’ on the horizon with a scheduled return date. I humbly request your grace and patience as we navigate these turbulent waters. We still have so many unknowns- and, the ‘knowns’ are subject to change as well. Please know your understanding is immensely appreciated!