Flexible Instructional Day (FID)

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved the use of Flexible Instruction Days (FID) as an alternate form of instruction in place of a day otherwise canceled due to inclement weather.  PDE will count this as a full day of school and MCSD would not need to use a snow make up day.  The District has been approved to use up to a maximum of five (5) FID for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    On a FID Day, learners will complete work from home.  The FID is an asynchronous (not live) school day that is run on a 2-hour delay schedule. Assignments will be handed out in advance and attendance is determined by work submission.  All work must be completed and submitted electronically by the end of the FID for a student to be “present”.  In the event work is completed with pencil/paper, it can be turned in at the start of the next school day for attendance.  Regular attendance procedures apply for excused/unexcused absence. 

    We will use our Blackboard email system to notify parents 24-48 hours that there is potential for an FID day. We would then use our phone system, local news, and social media to announce on the day of the FID. Traditional Snow Day Closures may still be used.

Flexible Instructional Day FAQ

  • What is a Flexible Instructional Day (FID)?

  • How will parents and learners find the FID learning activities and assignments?

  • How are attendance/grades determined?

  • What if we have computer/internet issues on the FID?

  • How much time is my student expected to take to complete the assignments?

  • What happens if a learner does not complete the FID assignments?

  • What if there is only one computer in the house but multiple learners?

  • Could activities be simply paper/pencil instead of Schoology or Seesaw?

  • My child has an IEP, will his/her lesson be modified appropriately?

  • Will after school activities be canceled on a FID?

  • Will we still use snow make up days and build snow make up dates into the district calendar?

  • What if a student is on a pre-arranged absence?

  • How did the Manheim Central School District explore and prepare for the use of a Flexible Instruction Day?