Dr. Ryan J. Axe, Superintendent

  • Dr. Ryan J. Axe

    Dr. Ryan Axe

    Hello Manheim Central Community,

    It's an honor and a blessing to have been afforded the opportunity to join the Manheim Central School District team as your Superintendent. The more I learn about all that this community does for students, the more excited I am to begin my journey as a Baron! I have also included a video and family snapshot that were created during the interview process if you'd like to take a look. 

    I am truly looking forward to working with all of you. 


    Dr. Ryan Axe 

    E-Mail: axer@manheimcentral.org

    Superintendent Goals (2022-2023)

    1. Leadership

      • Lead while learning how Manheim Central School District operates overall.
      • Meet with stakeholders across the district including the School Board members, administrators, staff and community. 
      • Be visible across the buildings in the district including extracurricular activities so that students, staff and community see the administration is invested in them as a whole.
    1. Quality

      • Professional, appropriate communication verbally, digitally, and in writing that instill confidence in stakeholders. 
      • Timeliness of decision making with sound, decisive explanation for decisions made.
      • Strategic approach to direction of district initiatives that includes stakeholders and communication.
    1. Community Relations

      • Establish partnership with local law enforcement.
      • Communication with businesses, churches, and other community groups when appropriate.
      • Evaluation of areas where partnerships can be formed or enhanced.
    1. Financial Execution and Strategy

      • Coordinate with the CFO on the budget process.
      • Work with architect and building foreman in order to get updates and progress reports on the renovation project and cost analysis of said project.
      • Evaluate where we spend across the district in order to make fiscally responsible decisions as we move in the next school year.
    1. Professionalism/Ethics/Integrity

      • Model expectations of our staff, students, and community by showing how to communicate, collaborate, and support each other through challenging and positive situations.
      • Make decisions that are fair and are backed with valid reasoning and explanation.
      • Show a willingness to accept constructive criticism and grow as a professional.

    Superintendent Evaluation And Objective Performance Standards and Assessment

    The performance of the Superintendent shall be assessed against the objective performance standards listed below. The Board and Superintendent hereby mutually agree to the following performance standards:

    • Leadership
    • Quality
    • Community Relations
    • Financial Execution and Strategy
    • Professionalism/Ethics/Integrity

    Update as of June 23, 2022:

    The performance of the Superintendent for the 2021-2022 school year was assessed in June, 2022.  The Superintendent met the objective performance standards listed above.

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