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  • Construction Blog Update July 24, 2018

    Posted by Marcie Elbin on 7/24/2018 3:45:00 PM

    Since the last update, the brick work on the outside of the building is 50% complete, and the window installation is now 50% complete as well. 

    Footers for the outside canopy are 100% complete, and the canopy installation is upcoming.

    Interior block for the classrooms walls is 90% complete and block laying for the gymnasium is underway.

    Interior walls of Areas A (building offices, kitchen and cafeteria) & B (art and music areas and media center) are painted.

    The building chiller has been set on the roof of the building and mechanical equipment is being set up.

    Piping is finished to all main water lines and water meter hook up is occurring.

    Gas lines are being installed in to and throughout the building, and the electrical conduit is nearing completion in Areas B & C (classrooms).


    Updated pictures of the progress soon to come!

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  • Construction Blog Update June 28, 2018

    Posted by Marcie Elbin on 6/28/2018 2:25:00 PM

    Construction is moving right along!

    Brick work is ongoing around the outside of the school with Area C being complete.

    Dry walling has begun inside the building in the classroom and administration areas, and glass installation has begun on both floors of Areas A, B, and C with installation in the media center nearly finished.

    Plumbing in area A is 95% complete and fire protection is approximately 50% finished in areas A, B and C. Duct work and piping for the HVAC system is also about 50% complete in Areas A, B and C. The main water lines in the building are complete and wiring is beginning to take place in Area C.

    The gymnasium area will soon be closed off and preparation for the canopy that will run along the building on the Gramby Street side is ongoing.

    Roofing on the school is nearing completion with the area over the gymnasium still to do.

    Pictures below include:

    1. Media Center – Hazel St. view
    2. C Wing on Hazel St.
    3. Media Center – Gramby St. view
    4. Main entrance on Gramby St.
    5. Back view of Area C and gymnasium
    6. Loading dock
    7. Student/Staff entrance and kitchen

    Media Center on Hazel St C Wing on Hazel St Media Center on Gramby St Main Entrance on Gramby St Back of C and Gym Loading Dock Student and Staff Entrance and Kitchen

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  • Construction Blog Update May 24, 2018

    Posted by Marcie Elbin on 5/24/2018 9:00:00 AM

    Progress continues at the Gramby Street construction site:

    The roof is now complete on Area B and C wings and about 80% complete on Area A wing.

    The installation of mechanical components continues for Areas B and C. All of the concrete has been poured at this point except for the gymnasium floor, which will occur within the next week.

    Work continues to close in the kitchen area of the building, and concrete has been poured for the respective loading dock. Installation of insulation and electrical components is ongoing.

    Pictures below include: Rear view of Area C wing; Area C and gymnasium; staff entrance; main entrance; Area B wing; media center and front view of Area C wing.

    Rear of C Wing C and Gym Staff Entrance Main Entrance B Wing Media Center Front View C Wing

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  • Construction Blog Update April 10, 2018

    Posted by Marcie Elbin on 4/10/2018 11:45:00 AM

    We are happy to provide an update on the ongoing construction for the Gramby Street Elementary project!

     Site grading and installation of storm water structures are underway with the new sewer service piping and tamp complete. New electric service and communications service piping is installed, and with the completion of the relocation of the PPL pole, electric service lines are completed and moving the cable and phone wires is ongoing.

     Area A will be made up primarily of school offices, kitchen, and cafeteria. The cement block foundations are complete for this section and concrete has been poured. Structural steel is arriving on site and will start to go up on April 16th. In the basement section of Area A, foundation walls are 95% complete and basement walls have been poured. The mechanical/electrical pads are formed and poured.

     Area B of the building will contain the gymnasium, art and music areas, media center, large group instruction area and classrooms. The masonry block foundations are complete for this section. Structural steel is 90% complete in this area. The interior first floor masonry blocks (interior classroom walls and hallway walls) will start to go up early this week, and the second-floor slab of Area B is to be poured later in the week.

     Area C, the portion of the building that will house the majority of the classrooms, is coming along as well. Masonry block foundations, cement floor, and structural steel are complete. Block interior is 40% complete, roofing is 20% complete, and beam infill and parapet framing is 85% complete. The second-floor slab is to be poured early this week. The first and second floor mechanical/electrical component final connections, and the installation of electrical panel boards are all ongoing.

     The pictures below are of Areas A and B respectively.

    Area A Basement Excavation Area A Basement Steel Area A West Basement Area B Steel 1 Area B Steel 2 Area B Steel 3

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  • Construction Blog Update

    Posted by Caroline Duda on 10/24/2017

    The Gramby Street Elementary School Project is well underway.  The building is down, the basement is dug, basement footers are poured, and basement walls will be up and poured over the next couple of weeks. 


    Prior to the Board Meeting on Monday, October 23rd, the School Board visited the construction site for a groundbreaking photo, which is shown below.  Dan Bierzonski and Jim Martin, from EI Associates, joined us for the photo, as well as Fred Kendall, Construction Manager from Abacus Construction.  


    Please be aware that Gramby Street will be closed sporadically over the next few weeks between Hazel and Linden Streets in order to run water, sewer, and gas lines underground.  Please keep an eye on the Manheim Borough website for alternate routes. 


    Groundbreaking Group Photo


    Groundbreaking Group Pic Digging


    Groundbreaking Media Interviews


    Groundbreaking Sign on Site

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  • Construction Blog Update September 8, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda on 9/8/2017

    Demolition is underway at the Gramby Street site:


    Demolition of Gramby


    Demolition of Gramby


    Demolition of Gramby


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  • Construction Blog Update August 1, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda on 8/1/2017

    On Wednesday, July 26th, a community meeting was held at the District Office for residents that live close to the site of the Gramby Street building project.  Mr. Fred Kendall, Project manager, who also managed the Doe Run Elementary project, presented the project timeline and important demolition/construction information to residents.



    Demolition is expected to begin sometime during the month of August and is expected to last approximately two months. It is anticipated that the total construction project will be completed by February of 2019.


    Demolition/Construction Information:

    The site will be secured with a locked fence (including the sidewalks), and equipment and material will be staged in the ballfield, also surrounded by fencing.  The streets will remain open and will only be closed on occasion for equipment movement. During demolition and construction there will be a few times residents may need to move their cars and there will be no parking.  The project manager will work with the police department to give sufficient notice.

    The hours of construction will be five days per week, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, with some circumstances when work may need to be done over the weekend, or equipment may come in earlier in the day (i.e. concrete, foundations, floors).

    This construction blog will be updated regularly throughout the project. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout demolition and construction.

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  • Construction Blog Update April 3, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda on 4/3/2017

    The link below will enable you to view design information presented to the Board at the February 21, 2017 meeting.


    Gramby Street Elementary School Design

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