Payroll Withholdings

  • Local Income Tax - The Manheim Central School District deducts for local income tax based on the district of residence of the employee. All new employees of the district complete the necessary forms at the time of hire. Employees who have a change of address must check with Payroll Services to ensure that the correct local income tax is withheld from their check.

    The Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB), also doing business as the Middletown Area Tax Collection Bureau, is an agency organized to simplify the reporting, administration, and collection of the Earned Income Tax for all residents of its jurisdiction, which is comprised of all the school districts and municipalities in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; the Octorara Area School District of Chester County, Pennsylvania and all municipalities therein; and the Middletown Area School District, Lower Dauphin School District and Susquehanna Township School District of Dauphin County Pennsylvania and all municipalities therein.

    To request additional forms or to learn more about the Bureau, please visit LCTCB's website.

    State Income Tax - The rate to be withheld for Pennsylvania State Income Tax is 3.07%.

    To access more information regarding Pennsylvania State tax, please vist the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's website.

    Federal Income Tax - In order to make changes to your federal tax withholding amount, you may download the W-4 Withholding. Upon completion, please forward the signed form to Payroll Services.

    To learn more about Federal Income Taxes, please visit the Internal Revenue Service's website.

    Medicare and Social Security Tax - The contribution rate, also known as the FICA tax rate, is 7.65% for employees.

    This rate is comprised of the following:

    • 6.2% (Social Security) on earnings up to the maximum taxable amount.
    • 1.45% (Medicare) on all earnings.

    More information can be found on the Social Security Administration's website.