Online Learning FAQ

    • What is Manheim Central Online Learning?
    • It is Manheim Central's Online schooling. 

    • Will my child receive equipment to complete his/her school work? 
    • Yes, students receive a laptop/charger, headphones, and a protective sleeve. If necessary, other equipment is available.

    • Who provides the educational content for Manheim Central Online Learning?
    • Manheim Central Online Learning has partnered with Lancaster-Lebanon Virtual Solutions (LLVS) which is part of IU13. LLVS has partnered with several providers including EdisonLearning, Accelerate Education, Apex Learning, and Edgenuity. All of the teachers for the providers are highly qualified to teach in the state of Pennsylvania.

    • Are the courses NCAA approved?
    • Yes, nearly all courses offered in our Virtual Academy are approved by the NCAA.  More detailed information is available to students and parents through the Guidance Department.

    • Can my child take Honors or AP courses? 
    • Yes, several Honors and AP courses are offered via MCVA.

    • What if my child has difficulties with a course? 
    • The first step would be to reach out the teacher and ask for help. In addition, there are tutoring hours available throughout the day for students to get help in any subject.

    • What if my child has a technical difficulty?
    • Each student using LLVS equipment is entitled to technical support via IU13. A Technical Support phone number and email address is provided to each student. Technical Support is available Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

    • What are the advantages of Manheim Central Online Learning for students interested in an online education?
    • There are several advantages that MC Online Learning offers. Some of these include: remaining a Manheim Central student with all the rights and privileges of a Manheim Central student (clubs, activities, sports, etc.), assignment to his/her school counselor, earning a Manheim Central diploma, and the ability to partake in the blended approach to cyber.

    • What is the blended approach? 
    • MC Online Learning offers three forms of cyber education. Option one is a full cyber approach where the student is pursuing all of her courses online. Option two is a blended approach where a student is taking some courses online and some in the brick and mortar building. There is no charge to parents for either of these options. Option three is for students interested in credit recovery or accelerating beyond the normal course load. There is a charge to parents for option three.

    • Why would a student pursue a blended approach?
    • Students have several reasons for choosing this option. For example, some students are interested in coursework that they feel would be best completed in a classroom. These courses might include art, world language, or chemistry. Some students prefer a classroom approach for subjects that they find are difficult for them. Some students want to maintain the social aspect of school by participating in classes face-to-face.

Manheim Central Online Learning Contacts

  • Administrator of Online Learning
       Zachary Bauermaster
       Phone: (717) 664-8402
       Email: email
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