Community Partners with Keystones to Opportunity

  • Parents as Teachers (PAT):

    Through the PAT program, our home educators, Beth Eberly and Joy Lapp, will meet in homes with families to help with personal parenting needs. Parents that participate in this program find their children are healthier, score higher on Kindergarten readiness tests, are better problem solvers and are more advanced in language and social development. For more information, contact Cathy Gust at 664-8538 or Beth Eberly, lead program superviser for PAT, at 431-1027.

    Head Start:

    Our Manheim Central Head Start program can be found at Stiegel Elementary. The class runs for a full day for 18 children, ages 3 and 4. The teacher of this program is Miss Jessica supported by her assistants Miss Stacia and Miss Lucy. This rich literacy based program is such a welcome addition to the preschool programs our children can participate in.

    Zion Lutheran Nursery School:

    There are two classes of pre-kindergarten children at Zion Lutheran Preschool as well as two classes for three year olds and one for toddlers. The teachers of these classes are Mrs. Messina, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Keiffer.  Through KtO funds, these preschool classrooms were given materials to enhance their literacy program and ongoing support is being provided to the staff. In addition, Zion offers a Toddler Gym on Tuesday mornings, free to all children and their caregivers between the ages of 12 - 36 months.  For additional information on any of these programs, please contact Katie Mummau, director, at 665-5880. (

    Manheim Central Pre-Kindergarten:

    Through  KTO funding, we were able to add another session of pre-kindergarten to our district programming. Miss VanGulick is the teacher of this program assisted by Mrs. Burkhart. The two classes of pre-kindergarten children at Manheim Central are providing programming for a total of 26 children. The children are  in a stellar literacy based program designed for young children.

    Manheim Community Library:

    With the help of Miss Lisa, the Manheim Community Library provides two different preschool story venues weekly as well as a Toddler Stay and Play program for our youngest children. The increased funding allows our librarians to provide additional programs as well as get more books into the hands of our preschool community.