Employee Assistance Program

  • Manheim Central has offered an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) since 2012. This service is currently provided through Carebridge, with more information available at www.myliferesource.com.  USE CODE DA6F4 to set up an account.  The EAP is a free and confidential assessment and short-term counseling program for you and your family members. Three sessions are available per family member per year.

    Life is not always easy. Your well-being is vitally important to Manheim Central School District and to the people we serve. Our lives can be affected by many factors: international, national, local, family and personal events. Anyone can have a private concern that affects our general happiness, our relationships with others, and sometimes our ability to work effectively. Because of that, we offer this 100% company-paid program that is completely confidential and off-site with licensed counselors to assist you and your family regain a sense of well-being.

    Caring, experienced, licensed counselors are available to help you. In the privacy of a counselor's office, your family members can learn to alleviate life's challenges.

    • Stress 
    • Drugs
    • Family
    • Alcohol
    • Grief
    • Depression
    • Conflict
    • Anxiety
    • Relationships
    • Financial Counseling
    • Legal Counseling
    • Eldercare

    Your EAP can help you feel better. Thousands of people like you and your family have used their EAP and have experienced great relief. The EAP can help enhance your self-image, strengthen relationships, and improve quality of work.

    Your EAP can help, but only if you use it. Using your EAP is easy. Simply call the number below for a free face to face assessment with a caring counselor near you. Your counselor will work with you to help you identify the problem, explore options, and develop a plan.

    Confidentiality is essential. The personal information you share with your EAP is completely confidential and is the foundation of a trusting relationship with a counselor. LMA will not release any information unless you authorize and sign a release of information, or if the law requires disclosure to prevent harm.

    To schedule a free confidential assessment, or to inquire further about your EAP services, you or your family member can conact the Carebridge Corporation office directly by calling 1-800-437-0911.