Aflac Overview

  • Aflac offers additional insurance plans to all full and part time employees. The premiums may be withheld through payroll deduction.

    Available Plans (Individual or Family Coverages):

    • 24-hour Accident
    • Sickness/Hospital Protection
    • Maternity Package
    • Cancer
    • Heart/Stroke/ICU
    • Life Insurance
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Day Care Reimbursement Accounts

    Aflac Resources and Claim Forms are all available through Aflac's Website.

    Questions, claim forms, and more, regarding Aflac may be directed to our Agent:

    Anthony Barbizzi
    254 Chapman Rd., Suite 203

    Newark, DE 19702

    Phone: 302-379-5284
    FAX: 302-266-4439

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