Workers' Compensation

  • The Manheim Central School District provides workers' compensation insurance for injuries that occur in the workplace.

    The procedures listed below should be followed whenever an employee is injured on the job:

    1. When an employee is injured at work, whether they need medical attention or not, they should immediately contact the building principal/immediate supervisor or school nurse and report the injury.

    2. The employer designee should immediately contact Jennifer Zohn, Payroll and Benefits Specialist, at 664-8524 and report the injury. You may call to schedule an appointment with a designated panel if one is necessary.

    3. If the injury requires immediate medical attention, the supervisor's designee should call 911 FIRST and have the patient transported by ambulance to the nearest medical facility. The employer shall then call the injury in to the Benefits Administrator.

    4. At the time of the injury, or as soon thereafter as possible, the employee must be provided with a copy of the Designated Providers , Pharmacy List, and Workers’ Compensation Employee Notification. He or she must also read and sign the Employee Notification Form, and return it ASAP to the Benefits Administrator at the District Office.

    5. In addition, the supervisor's designee must complete the Manheim Central School District Worker's Comp Injury Report and submit this within 24 hours to the Benefit Administrator.

    Refer to Board Policies 346, 446, and 546 for additional information relating to Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Workers' Compensation Forms & Documents