One-to-One Laptop Program

  • Manheim Central School District is committed to the implementation of strategies to enhance the education of our students through our 1:1 Laptop Loan Program. The 1:1 Laptop Loan Program is defined as a flexible and personalized educational program that integrates new instructional strategies and a mixture of technology tools with the goal of transforming classrooms from teacher-centric to student-centered personalized learning environments which focus on high academics and the integration of 21st century skills.

    The 1:1 Laptop Loan Program is a result of the District’s strategic plan. Key components of the 1:1 Laptop Loan Program include the expanding role of the classroom teacher, use of a learning management system, and use of student mobile computing devices. Teacher roles are expanding to provide a blended approach of traditional and digital learning resources while mentoring students on how to become selfregulated in their own learning. The learning management system enables teachers to organize curriculum content, provide formative assessments to help change instructional practice, and create a more personalized learning path for students. Mobile devices provide the anytime-anywhere access to learning that is needed for our students to become proficient, life-long learners. Student-centered instructional strategies being introduced include project-based learning, active inquiry, computer-based formative assessments, and hybrid learning. The District continues to go to great lengths to provide our educators with ongoing professional development for best practices in using technology and new instructional strategies.

    During the 2016-17 school year, 5th through 12th grade students will be participating in the 1:1 Laptop Loan Program. This laptop has all of the necessary software needed for their curriculum and learning goals.

    Costs associated with the 1:1 Laptop Loan Program are offset with the reduction in printing, curtailment of traditional textbook purchases, and extension of current student and staff computer refresh cycles. The District is always searching and applying for additional grant funding to further offset costs.

    Parents and/or guardians do not have to pay a fee for their student’s technology use, however; damage to technology by the student, willfully or accidentally, shall incur a fee which is listed in the replacement cost table, readily found in the program handbook.

    If you should have any questions regarding the 1:1 Laptop Program, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Technology.