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  • Construction Blog Update July 6, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 7/6/2017

    Doe Run Elementary School is coming along nicely. Below are some photos for your viewing pleasure:


    Playground that was recycled from the original Doe Run Elementary School

    Play Area


    Close up of photo above

    Play Area


    Close up of rock climbing wall

    Rock Climbing Wall


    New playground equipment

    Play Area








    Green Roof

    Green Roof


    Instrument Storage

    Instrument Storage





    Sink Area

    Sink Area


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  • Construction Blog Update June 8, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 6/8/2017

    Big things are happening at 281 Doe Run Road. The playground equipment is being installed, landscaping is occuring, and the turning lane is being constructed. 

    Art students at Doe Run on Gramby presented a special thank you flag to the Doe Run construction site workers.  The red and blue design was created by the students' signatures.


    Below is a picture of the flag being presented and proudly displayed at the site:


    American Flag Art Project


    Left Clockwise: Mackenzie Yanss, 3rd Grader; Emily Kellish, 3rd Grader; Ken Horting, Superintendent of Doe Run Project; Fred Kendall, Project Manager; Galeon Brown, Director of Facilities and Grounds; Grahason Lindberg, 3rd Grader; Noah Rivera, 3rd Grader. 


    American Flag Art Project Displayed


    In addition, the movers will begin loading trucks at Stiegel and Doe Run on Gramby next week. 

    PCI Auction Group will be holding an online live auction for surplus school furniture and equipment from the Manheim Central School District. The auction will start on Saturday, June 17 and close on Wednesday, June 28. Items purchased will need to be picked up on Thursday, June 29 or Friday, June 30. Bidders will need to register at to participate in this auction. Check out the website for additional information. If you have difficulty registering, please call Ashley at 717-614-0222.

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  • Construction Blog Update May 26, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 5/23/2017

    Updated information on the new Doe Run Elementary School:


    • Green roof surrounding the library to be delivered next week
    • Base coat paving is complete
    • Gym is complete
    • 90% of kitchen equipment is installed
    • Terrazzo floor is all poured
    • A Wing classrooms are 95% complete
    • 70% of bathroom tile is installed
    • Utilities are on in the buliding
    • Furniture is set to be delivered in July




    Classroom Work Station


    Classroom Work Station


    Classroom Storage


    Teacher's Storage








    Library Carpet



    The Gym


    Bathroom, Sinks, and Water Station...





    Water Station and Fountain


    Playground area (play set not yet in place)...

    Play Area

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  • Construction Blog Update May 3, 3017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 5/3/2017

    Some very exciting things are happening at 281 Doe Run Road...


    • Canopy is up out front
    • Gym floor is being installed
    • Sidewalks are 60-70% poured
    • Parking lot is in final grading and stone in preparation for paving in the next week or two
    • Terrazzo floors are about 80% complete
    • Classroom tile started this week
    • Kitchen equipment to be delivered this week


    Doe Run Road Canopy


    Inside Doe Run Elem


    Gym Floor Doe Run Elem


    Classroom Doe Run Elem


    Inside Doe Run Elem


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  • Construction Blog Update March 27, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 3/27/2017

    Update on the construction progress at Doe Run:

    • 99% of the brick is finished
    • 80% of the terrazzo floor is poured in the A wing and they are finishing it
    • All roofing is complete
    • Gym is painted
    • Casework is being installed in all of A wing
    • Mechanical work continues in D wing
    • Offices are painted and ceiling grid is being installed
    • 90% of glass is installed


    Terrazzo Floor Installation

    Front of Building Stair Case

    Front of Building


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  • Construction Blog Update February 22, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 2/22/2017

    Over the past couple weeks the administration has been gathering feedback on five elementary attendance zones options.  A special Board meeting was held on Monday, February 13th at which Davis Demographics presented five options to the School Board.  On Tuesday, February 14th a stakeholder’s meeting was held to gather input from members of each elementary PTO, borough and township officials, the mayor, our transportation provider, etc.  Lastly, on Thursday, February 16th a town hall meeting was held to gather feedback from the community.


    During last night’s regularly scheduled Board meeting, the School Board voted unanimously to approve Option E as amended for transportation considerations.  


    Approved Option E with adjustments for transportation efficiency:

    Option E Attendance Zone Approved  

    Full view of Option E Attendance Zone:

    Option E Full View Attendance Zone


    A special thank you to everyone that contributed by providing feedback for this very important decision.               

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  • Construction Blog Update February 17, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 2/17/2017

    As publicized, on Thursday, February 16th a Town Hall Meeting was held in the Middle School Auditorium. The purpose of this meeting was for the Board and District Administration to gather feedback from the community on the five attendance zone options presented at the Special Board Meeting on Monday, February 13th. 


    Below is a compilation of frequently asked questions and shared concerns from the Town Hall Meeting.


    As a reminder, the Board is scheduled to vote on the attendance zone option at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Middle School Auditorium.



    Manheim Central School District

    Elementary Attendance Zones

    Frequently Asked Questions



    What was the process for determining the proposed attendance zone options?


    The district hired Davis Demographics to consider enrollment projections, potential growth and density in the district, transportation options given traffic flow and the geographic layout of the district, and student demographics.  The district administration and Davis Demographics worked together to provide five options for consideration. Please refer to the previous construction blog post for much more detail on this process as presented at the special Board meeting on February 13, 2017.


    Was consideration given to keep Stiegel open until the town school is completed to avoid having some Stiegel students change locations twice in two years?


    Yes, much consideration was given and a final decision has not yet been made. However, in an attempt to improve efficiencies district wide and reduce operating expenses, the district is proposing to close Stiegel Elementary School at the end of the 2016-2017 school year as there will be capacity in both the Doe Run Elementary School and HC Burgard Elementary School to educate all elementary students. 


    What will happen to the staffs that currently work in the Stiegel Elementary School Building if that building closes at the end of this school year?


    A team of district administrators has been, and continue to, work on the strategic staffing plan for the elementary consolidation.  Determining the attendance zone option is one piece that will be beneficial for the administrative team when finalizing staffing decisions. Once staffing decisions are finalized, district staff and parents will be notified of those assignments.  


    Several of the proposed options could result in long bus rides for students.  How will this be addressed?


    Once the attendance zone has been voted on, district staff responsible for transportation will work closely with the bus contractor to develop the best routes possible to minimize travel time.


    What is the maximum walking zone (distance) for students?


    The maximum walking distance for elementary students is 1.5 miles; the maximum walking distance for secondary students is 2.0 miles.  These maximum distances are established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


    Can you define the “demographic breakdown” percentage?


    The demographic breakdown percentage is the percentage of students in a school building that qualify for free/reduced meals. 


    What is the demographic breakdown percentage for each of the options presented?


    Demographic Breakdown Percentages



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  • Construction Blog Update February 14, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 2/14/2017

    Last evening, during a Special School Board Meeting, Davis Demographics gave two presentations:


    Demographic and Enrollment Presentation, linked below:


    Demographic and Enrollment Presentation


    Elementary Attendance Zones Presentation, linked below:


    Elementary Attendance Zones Presentation


    The link to the live interactive map of the five attendance zone options is pasted below:



    As a reminder, there will be a Town Hall Meeting held at 7:00 PM on Thursday, February 16, 2017 at the Middle School Auditorium.  This meeting will provide community members an opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the five proposed attendance zone options. The Board is scheduled to vote on the new attendance zone option at their next regularly scheduled Board Meeting, Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Middle School Auditorium.


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  • Construction Blog Update January 17, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 1/17/2017

    Embedded is a link to the presentation provided to the Business Operations Committee last evening, January 16, 2017. 


    New Elementary School Update

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  • Construction Blog Update January 4, 2017

    Posted by Caroline Duda at 1/4/2017

    We are pleased to provide you with a few highlights from the new elementary school project on Doe Run Road:

    All areas, A, B, C, & D have been erected, masonry block is 98% or more complete on each area, roofing is 98% complete on each area, and internal walls in sections of Area A are being painted.   

    New Elementary School On Doe Run Road  

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