Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society Overview

  • Advisor: Mr. Kreider and Mr. DeStefano - Kreiderr@manheimcentral.org or Destefanor@manheimcentral.org

    Room: 1250

    Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes academic excellence in the field of Social Studies. Rho Kappa provides national recognition and opportunities for exploration in the social studies. Through its sponsorship of Rho Kappa, the National Council of the Social Studies hopes to encourage an interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social sciences at the local and national levels.

    Members of Rho Kappa gain experience in historical interpretation through working with collaborating museums and historical sites throughout Lancaster County. In addition members also compete in the annual National History Day Competition held each March.

    The academic requirements for admission include: Successful completion of honors or A/P level social studies courses in grades 9, 10 and 11 and commitment to the same in the applicant’s senior year; Cumulative GPA on 3.75 of higher in social studies coursework.