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Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Ryan J. Axe, Superintendent

Dr. Ryan Axe

Dr. Ryan J. Axe

Hello Manheim Central Community,

We are looking forward to another year of serving and celebrating our students and the community of Manheim Central. Our staff and School Board are committed to supporting all of our learners and families by offering a multitude of learning opportunities and top quality resources and facilities during and after the school day. Doing so is not possible without a supportive community so we want to say thank-you!

We are fortunate to be able to work with you and all of our young Barons.
Dr. Ryan Axe 

Superintendent Goals (2023-2024)

  1. Leadership

  • Shape the vision and direction of the district by enforcing and enhancing current initiatives and district objectives as defined in our comprehensive plan.

  • Work toward comprehensive plan goals with stakeholders across the district including the School Board members, administrators, staff, and community.

  • Be visible across the buildings in the district including extracurricular activities so that students, staff and community see the administration is invested in them as a whole.

    • Added security officer and wands for administrators for safety and security, worked with Borough for hiring of new SRO.H
    • Hiring of new assistant principal at MS and Activity & Athletic Director.
    • Initiated Board Retreat and Board visitation to schools so that we are all getting to share and see the vision and direction we want to go together.
    • Initiation of foreign language infusion in MS as well as activity bus activation.
    • Structured committee meetings and format moving forward.
    • Policy review and overhaul for district.
    • Monthly meetings with Act 93 members, individual and group, summer leadership retreat.
  1. Quality

  • Model professional, appropriate communication verbally, digitally, and in writing that instills confidence in stakeholders.

  • Timeliness of decision making with sound decisive explanation for decisions made.

  • Strategic approach to direction of district initiatives that includes stakeholders and succinct communication.

    • Communicate with stakeholders and community in a responsive, open fashion when feasible.

    • Board Updates weekly to explain decisions made, give “heads up” if needed, and to notify Board of what is happening across district.

    • Started Student Advisory Meetings K-12.

    • Started open office meetings with staff in all buildings.

    • Redistributing of responsibility for some members of Act 93 so they are able to flourish and meet capacity in roles.

    • Fostering partnerships and relationships with local businesses.

  1. Community Relations

  • Enhance partnership with local law enforcement, both with the borough and regional police forces.

  • Communication with businesses, churches, and other community groups when appropriate. Continue to foster partnerships throughout the year.

  • Evaluation of areas where partnerships can be formed or enhanced in the local community and throughout the county.

    • Participate in community events such as tree lighting, Manheim BIC events, McFee, Farm Show, Manheim Chamber of Commerce Events, and other community events that I’m invited to or seek out.

    • Visibility at events/competitions/performances K-12 beyond the school day.

    • Monthly memo and newsletters each semester.

    • After school care program will be ready for families due to work this year.

    • Instituted a way for families to view library books and curriculum.

    • YMCA Community Partnership interview.

  1. Financial Execution and Strategy

  • Continue to work with the business office team to make sure we are making fiscally sound decisions for our district and community.

  • Ensure that the renovation project and outdoor field projects are progressing and the communication to stakeholders about the projects are timely and accurate.

  • Evaluate our systems and operations to determine if there are operations that could be more efficient.

    • Facilitated Early Bird CBA, Act 93 contracts.

    • Heavily involved in construction project, field renovation project, and other facility related projects.

    • Made the decision to remove the project manager for another one due to efficiency and communication concerns.

    • Meet with CFO regularly about budget.

    • Involved in field project for Doe Run and MCMS.

  1. Professionalism/Ethics/Integrity

  • Model expectations of our staff, students, and community by showing how to communicate, collaborate, and support each other through challenging and positive situations openly and fairly.

  • Make decisions that are fair and are backed with valid reasoning and explanation.

  • Show a willingness to accept constructive criticism and grow as a professional.

    • We had zero retirees this year, people feel valued due to the work we are doing.

    • Worked with Dr. Flannery on her new contract extension and she has expressed feeling valued by the team.

    • Appropriate and professional Board communication: group, individual, executive.

    • Bi-weekly strategic planning meeting with Asst. Superintendent, CFO, Curriculum Director to make sure we are all on the same page and focused on our direction.

    • Offered time in each building for staff to meet and share ideas, suggestions, and considerations.

Superintendent Evaluation And Objective Performance Standards and Assessment

The performance of the Superintendent shall be assessed against the objective performance standards listed below. The Board and Superintendent hereby mutually agree to the following performance standards:

  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Community Relations
  • Financial Execution and Strategy
  • Professionalism/Ethics/Integrity

Update as of June 23, 2023:

The performance of the Superintendent for the 2022-2023 school year was assessed in June, 2023.  The Superintendent met the objective performance standards listed above.

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