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Taxpayer Relief Act

Pursuant to Section 503 of Act 1 of Special Session 1 of 2006, known as the Taxpayer Relief Act (the Act), the Property Tax Relief Fund was created as a way to use gaming revenue to reduce property taxes for homeowners. State law requires the budget secretary to certify the actual balance in the Property Tax Relief Fund by April 15th of each year. The law permits the distribution of property tax relief funds to homeowners only when the Property Tax Relief Fund has a balance of at least $570 million. Under the terms of the law, qualified property owners*, will see the property tax reduction itemized on their school property tax bills. The amount of property tax relief will vary by school district. The Department of Education will notify each Pennsylvania school district of its property tax reduction allocation no later than May 1, as Act 1 requires.

Source: PA Department of Revenue

*Qualified property owners are those who have Homesteads and/or Farmsteads approved by the County Assessment Office. To become a qualified property owner you must first complete a Homestead/Farmstead application and return it to the Lancaster County Assessment Office. The Lancaster County Assessment Office will determine if the property qualifies for tax relief. Qualification is not a school district decision. For more information on Homesteads/Farmsteads or to obtain a Homestead/Farmstead application, please visit the Lancaster County Property Assessment Office or call (717) 299-8381.