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Comprehensive Planning

“To Prepare Responsible Citizens Who Are Lifelong Learners.”

The comprehensive planning process facilitates communication and collaboration, promotes the sharing of resources and effective practices, and ensures that all stakeholders are working to meet common goals for the benefit of the Manheim Central students. The Pennsylvania Department of Education, through its Chapter 4 regulations on curriculum, ensures that every PA School District in the Commonwealth develop and submit a comprehensive plan. The District’s Comprehensive plan serves as a roadmap for future decision-making.

The Manheim Central School District’s Comprehensive Planning Committee was established in August of 2016. Members of the committee represented a team of various Manheim Central stakeholders including parents, teachers from all levels, school board directors, administrators, local business representatives, and educational specialists. The multi-year plan was developed, refined, and reviewed by the committee, which met on three separate occasions during the 2016-2017 school year. Once complete, the plan was posted for public comment and review for a period of sixty days and presented at both the District’s Academic Committee Meeting and at a regularly scheduled School Board Meeting. The Plan continues to be rooted in the district’s Shared Beliefs and Core Values listed below. The plan was submitted and approved by the PA Department of Education in the fall of 2018 and will guide the district over the course of the next three years as we aim to “Prepare Responsible Citizens Who Are Lifelong Learners.”

Shared Values

We Believe…

  • A quality education encompasses standards of excellence in every curricular area, which provides all students with the opportunity to reach their individual potential.
  • Shared accountability and collective responsibility by all stakeholders--students, staff, parents, and community--are essential to maximize student success.
  • In fostering a culture of positive student interactions and school spirit through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Learning requires a safe, secure, and nurturing environment where character is developed, relationships are valued, and there is a mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders.

The District has identified the following three Core Values: 

  • Strategic Relationships
  • Service with Respect
  • Student Focused

To view the District’s 3-year Comprehensive plan, click on the link below:  

Click here to view the Manheim Central School District Comprehensive Plan