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Entrance Procedure for the ESL Program

Once a student has been identified through the Home Language Survey, he/she is assessed using the WIDA language proficiency screener by a trained ESL teacher. This assessment will take place within 14 days of being identified. The district follows the entrance criteria as determined by WIDA and the PA Dept. of Education. A document indicating that the student has been tested for language proficiency is attached to the Home Language Survey in the student’s cumulative folder.  The letter indicates his/her English language proficiency level on the WIDA Screener and the date of ESL program enrollment. The student is enrolled in the ESL program and placed in a language instruction class according to his/her proficiency level.

A letter is sent home to the parents of the LEP student to inform them of ESL program placement. TransACT is used to generate the letter in both English and the native language. The letter describes the language instruction educational program (LIEP) recommended for their child and the advantages to their child in terms of English language acquisition and academic success. The district will also inform parents of their right to decline English Language Development programs or services in whole or in part, and supply the parents with the state required ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Parental Waiver Form.