Existing Policy Manual - PSBA

  • The Manheim Central Board of School Directors is currently undertaking a complete review of the board policy manual. Throughout this process, board policies will be updated and officially re-adopted by the board. As these new policies are adopted, they will be added to the new online policy manual posting; categorization and numbering will be changing during this process. Where applicable, new policy language will supersede old policy language.

    If you have questions, please contact the Board Secretary at (717) 664-8522, or Ms. Ginny Hribick, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, at (717) 664-8558.

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    A complete listing of those policies yet to be updated is provided in the table below:

  • 600 FINANCES
    621 Local Taxpayer Bill Of Rights
    625 Procurement Cards
    801 Inspection And Copying Of Public Records
    802 School Organization
    803 School Calendar
    804 School Day
    805 Emergency Preparedness
    807 Opening Exercises/Flag Displays
    810 Transportation
    810 Attachment Transportation Request Forms/Bus Safety Code Of Conduct
    810.1 Employee Eligibility To Operate District-Owned Motor Vehicles
    811 Bonding
    812 Property Insurance
    813 Other Insurance
    814 Copyright Material
    815.2 District Website Authoring And Acceptable Use
    816 Use Of Audio And Video Monitoring Equipment
    816 Attachment Sample Notices
    818 Contracted Services
    820 Legal Services
    822 Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    822 Attachment AED Policy & Procedures Signature Page
    826 Privacy Of Health Information
    901 Public Relations Objectives
    902 Publications Program
    903 Public Participation In Board Meetings
    904 Public Attendance At School Events
    905 Citizen Advisory Committees
    906 Public Complaints
    908 Relations With Parents
    909 Municipal Government Relations
    910 Community Relations
    911 News Media Relations
    912 Relations With Educational Institutions
    913 Relations With Special Interest Groups
    913.1 Advertising
    914 Relations With Intermediate Unit
    916 School Volunteers
    919 District/School Report Cards