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    The Manheim Central High School serves the borough of Manheim as well as Penn and Rapho Townships in Lancaster County.  The current high school was constructed in 1959, when the district was consolidated into its present geographical footprint.  Prior to this, Manheim High School served the students of the Manheim area from 1885 - 1959.  On June 11, 2010, Manheim Central conducted commencement ceremonies for the 125th graduating class in the school's history.  Through these 125 years, the Manheim Central High School has produced graduates who have excelled in virtually every career field and profession.  Although many of our graduates remain in Lancaster County, there are many who have moved on throughout the world in pursuit of their life's dreams.  Each year the high school recognizes its most distinguished alumni by inducting a new class into the Manheim Central Hall of Fame.  This annual event serves as a reminder of the impact our school has on its graduates, and celebrates the success of a small group of alumni who have gone on to achieve notable accomplishments in their professional and personal lives.  Reading the plaques on the Hall of Fame wall at the high school provides some perspective as to the nature of Manheim Central alumni.   The pride that our graduates have in their school, and the pride the community has in identifying as a "Baron" help to make Manheim Central a special place to work and learn.
    Size:  With a graduating class between 200 -250, our size is just right.  Our school is big enough to offer academic and extracurricular opportunities for students, but small enough that students can easily know all of their classmates.  Our size offers us the ability to compete with large schools while allowing us to maintain a small-school feel within our walls.
    Technology:  Due to the Classrooms For the Future grant and the district's emphasis on technology, our students and teachers have equipment that is current at their disposal.  Each classroom has an interactive smart board and LCD projector to enable the integration of technology into daily lessons.  On this front, our school is ahead of the curve in comparison to many of its peers.
    Academics:  Our school offers academic programs in twelve subject areas.  We have several AP-level classes in core and elective subjects, dual-enrollment opportunities for students who would like to earn college credits while in high school, along with strong offerings in each subject area.  Our school is the only one in Lancaster County to make AYP on the PSSA exam every year since its inception, which is a point of pride.  While that is a notable achievement, we look at it as a starting point rather than an end point.  For that reason, we are constantly looking to improve our curriculum and provide relevant and appropriate course offerings in support of the district's mission.  If you have questions about a particular subject area or academic topic, we encourage you to contact the high school administration at your convenience.
    Athletics:  If you have a child that aspires to be an athlete, Manheim Central is the place to be.  Our school offers competitive programs in each sport that we offer.  Manheim Central teams are regular participants in county, district, and state playoffs.  Our tradition in football is well known around the state, but our other teams are also very competitive from year to year.  Under the guidance of our athletic director, George Derbyshire, we feel we have assembled a group of coaches across our sports that your child will benefit from if you are relocating to Manheim.
    The Arts:  The Manheim Central High School has a strong music program, with ensembles in choir, band, and orchestra available for interested students.  We welcome you to attend a musical performance, or listen to our marching band during a Friday night football game, to discover their talents for yourself.
    School Culture:  One thing that separates the Manheim Central High School from others is the culture of success that is ingrained in the community and the school.  The parents in our community do a good job of instilling the proper ideas in our students before they get to school: the value of hard work, the importance of school and learning, and pride in Manheim.  Many of our students' parents and grandparents attended Manheim Central High School, which creates a sense of pride and community that is not present in every school.  Our students reflect this pride by coming to school ready to learn, ready to practice, and ready to succeed in the classroom and on the field of play.