• The Doe Run Parent Teacher Organization works cooperatively with the school to enhance the educational experience of students at Doe Run Elementary. The PTO provides the financial support needed to pay for the bus transportation for all field trips; provide special programs and events for all students throughout the school year; purchase unique classroom supplies; purchase trade books for all students; and show support and appreciation for Doe Run staff members.


    Here are some of our events!

    Kindergarten Breakfast: August 26, 2019 This team would plan the menu, order food, and decorate the cafeteria. They would be there that day to meet and greet the new kindergarten children and their families.  This is a great time to share with them about the PTO.

    Race for Education October 4, 2019 This date is the Race day, but really this happening over a couple months.  We plan, we have a Rally, we send out sponsor letters, we have a blast at Race day, and then we count donations.  There are lots of ways to be involved with this event on many different levels.

    Book Fair: October 15-25, 2019  This is happening the same time as Parent to lunch week.  We will need people to run the book fair over lunch time.  Responsibilities for chairing this would be to do a sign-up that would go out with an e-mail from PTO for volunteers to run the book fair.  

    Science Night: November 7, 2019 This a district-wide event!  It is put on by the High School.  You would help to publicize the event, and help where needed. 

    Teacher conference meals:  November 25, 26 (Fall)  April 7, 8 (Spring) Planning out a menu to nourish the teachers when they stay late for teacher conferences.  Compiling a sign-up genius to allow others to be a blessing in donating food.

    Holiday Craft: December 6, 2019  This is a big event!  We will be gathering ideas, present the ideas to the students, purchase supplies (you do get reimbursed for this)and assist students at the event.  We need a chair person and/or a co-chair person for this.

    Movie Night:  January 17, 2020  This is a Doe Run and HCB event held at the Middle School.  You would be part of a team deciding what movie to show.  Putting the door prizes together, ordering the milk and cookies for after the movie.

    BINGO Night:  February 20, 2020  You would need to help plan and organize the activities, prizes, and food.  This was a really well attended event last year!

    Spring Book Fair and Read Across America Week :  February  24- 28, 2019  We will need people to help run the book fair.  Along with this week is Family Reading night and Gym activities with Mr. Fink!  February 28, 2019 You could also help in this planning process.

    Staff Appreciation Week:  May 5-8, 2019  This week we shower our teachers with thanks!  Each day the kids do something special for their teachers.  We serve them treats throughout the mornings.  Wednesday we make them lunch!  A chair person for this would help organize and facilitate all the people that want to help make this week great!

    Hobby Night:  May 15, 2020

    Fourth Grade Breakfast:  June 4, 2020  If you have a fourth grader this year you are invited to be on this team.  You prepare your menu for breakfast, decorate the cafeteria, do some celebrating, and have an awards assembly!

    There are even more ways to get involved! 

    Yearbook:  Do you like to take pictures?  Would you like to be on our yearbook team?  This is an ongoing process with the goal of putting the book together in April.

    School Directory:  We have a website that we use to communicate with all of you.  We get that information from the papers you hand back to us saying what you are interested in.  Even if you do not have time to help with PTO events right now, I would still say fill out your information and get it back to us.  It is good to feel connected!  If you would enjoy updating the directory, let us know!  We want you!

    Box Tops:  We collect Box Tops at our school, but someone needs to help count them.  Who wants to be in the Box Tops Club?  We need one person to head this up, and communicate with Box Tops.  We need people to get together once a month and count box tops.  And as the classes reach different levels, we need a party person! 

    Room Parents:  We have room parents for each class.  This person is a point person for the class.  You plan parties, and make opportunities for other parents to get involved with class celebrations.  The sign-up genius website is great for this. You are also the point person for the PTO.  If we need help doing mailers for Race for Education, you facilitate helpers.  The younger grades tend to have more planned parties.  You communicate with your teacher to see what their personal style is.  We are there to support the teachers.  We are planning on having some training classes for this, and will not be picking room parents until the middle of September.  Let us know if you are interested, and it is not uncommon to be a co-room parent.

    If you are interested in chairing or co-chairing an event, let us know!