• November 5th, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Carol Gleeson on 11/27/2018

    Doe Run Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

    November 5, 2018

    7:00PM in the Doe Run Media Center


    Attendance:  Erin Shelly, Monica Stitzel, Kristy Schwartz, Sabrina Parraga, Art Paynter, Suzanne McMechen, Toniel Fetter, Elizabeth Williams, Sandy Brubaker, Cherryl Martin, Stephanie Huber, Nicolette Hernandez, Kristen Haldeman


    Approval of October 2018 meeting minutes: motion to approve made by Cheryl and second motion for approval made by Toniel Fetter.


    Report from the Teacher Representative:  Mrs. Dissinger thanks everyone for their support for Square 1 Art.  Deadline is Nov. 8th.  Confirmed Theater experience is on hold for now for both schools for this school year. Mrs. Licht’s progress reports will be coming home via paper copy; please schedule a conference with her. Oct. 23rd first council meeting was a success per the reading specialists. Mini Grant request for 2nd grade presented requesting $350 for a presentation by Jesse Rothaker.   Motion to vote made by Kristy Schwartz and second motion to approve by Sandy Brubaker.


    Principal’s Report:  Thanks to the PTO for help with book fair; great success. Parents to Lunch went well with volunteer in Lobby appreciated. Family Fun night very fun; great attendance. Conference sign -ups will be sent electronically Tuesday, Nov. 6th. Next week a letter will be sent to review how to access electronic reports cards, attendance, discipline information. Paper copies will be sent to those with IEP reports and Reading Progress Reports.

    Treasurers’ Report – refer to budget worksheets.

    Old Business

    • Book Fair/Parents to Lunch - $14,000 brought in by the Book Fair. Each teacher in building will receive $100 to select scholastic books. Looking for Chairperson for Spring book fair.
    • Family Fun Night was big success.
    • Square 1 Art – deadline approaching Nov. 8th. Mrs. Dissinger designed a PTO logo.





    New Business

    • Holiday Craft (12/7) update from Chairperson Steph Huber: Children selected their Holiday Craft; orders are being totaled and material to be ordered soon. Projects are color coded to coincide with children’s nametags. Sign up Genius will be made for volunteers to sign up to assist the day of Holiday Craft.
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences and Meals: Chairperson is Jen Bushey. Mom’s In Prayer will be providing lunch for teachers on 11/20.  We will need supper or snack 11/19 and 11/20.  Paynter will provide headcount.  Will be looking for assistance to set up and tear down related to meals.
    • Report from Mrs. Troiano about Family Reading Night: She is working with Colleen Greiner (2nd Grade teacher at HCB). Theme is “Readers are Difference Makers.” They will not be asking for any monetary donations due to the timing of it with Jump Rope for Heart and Race for Education.  She is looking for a D.J. recommendation.
    • MCFEE Baskets Committee. Chairperson is Sabrina Parraga.   Information will be sent this Friday regarding donation items, details regarding MCFEE. Final collection date will be Dec. 14th.  Themes identified for each grade for the baskets.  Cash donations of $5-10 suggested. MCFEE auction will be March 23rd, at Manheim BIC church.
    • Directory Link – sent via November newsletter. Electronic Directory will be utilized.
    • Mini-Grants presented by Sabrina. Carol Hess requested grant for Ryan Bridges “The Bug Man” for Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th  400 children would benefit.  Requesting approximately $500 total.  Motion to vote by Nicolette Hernandez with second motion for approval made by Kristen Haldeman. Additional request for grant for Refreshing Mountain Reptile presenter (Mark Layton) for Kindergarten and 4th grades. Cost approximately $500.  Motion to vote made by Sabrina Parraga and second motion for approval by Monica Stitzel.


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  • October 1st, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Carol Gleeson on 10/31/2018 1:00:00 AM

    Doe Run Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

    October 1, 2018

    7:00PM in the Doe Run Media Center


    Attendance:  Erin Shelly, Suzanne McMechen, Elizabeth Williams, Nicole Hardy, Amy Minnich, Jen Fox, Kim Kerstetter, Amanda Abrashoff, Britny Braun, Sabrina Parraga, Barb Rodruan, Val Bucher, Danielle Clemente, Kristy Schwartz, Sandy Brubaker, Nykole Kuhns, Julie Goshert, Ellen Vogt, Jeane Bowerman, Marci Krell, Kerri Mateer, Nicolette Hernandez, Kristen Haldeman.


    Approval of September 2018 meeting minutes - Motion to approve was made by Barb Rodruan and second motion for approval was made by Elizabeth Williams.


    Teacher Report from Mrs. McMechen – Reminders to return Spirit week form by Wednesday in order to be eligible for the Raffle and to return Parents to Lunch paper as soon as able.  Exceptions can be made if a parent cannot attend their scheduled day; notify the Office. Parent Advisory Council will be held prior to Family Fun Night and all are welcome to be involved and attend to be apprised of the curriculum and how to be involved with your children and school’s Title 1 program. Mrs. Lick will be offering times to meet parents of children whom are receiving Reading Services. Children are welcome at this meet and greet on October 16th 2:15-2:30pm. Boost groups are in full swing and happening. 


    Principal’s Report – Back to School Night, Picture Day both a school success. He expressed thanks for the Volunteers assistance during the events.  Report cards will now be sent electronically this year.


    Treasurers’ Report by Sabrina – we have enough fundraising totals to meet our budget; budget increased to $35,000.  Stauffer’s/Giant Rewards papers to come home this week.


    Old Business

    Room parents – they have been selected and contact has been made to discuss liason opportunities and planning for classrooms.  Room Parents are encouraged to reach out to PTO if they have any questions or concerns.

    Hearing screenings – went well. Improvements made that reduced noise level for more optimal testing environment.

    Picture Day – went well.

    Back to School Night:  Mrs. McMechen briefly obtained feedback on pilot model completed during Back to School Night with use of Centers in both her class and Mrs. Boas. Feedback very positive.


    New Business

    Mini Grant Requests – Mr. Fink requesting $214 to make unicycles safer (i.e. repair pedals, seats, etc.) for the Circus Club.  Sandy Brubaker made motion to approve, Sabrina made the second motion to approve.  3rd Grade Team (Aukamp, Foltz, Keim, Lease, Witmer) request $433.75 for Mountain Math Centers Board and Mountain Math Online Subscription.  Kristy Schwartz made motion to approve. Kerri Mateer made second motion to approve.  Mrs. Keim also requested consideration for mini-grant that will benefit all 3rd graders and Mrs. Lee’s class. Requested monies for admission into planetarium at the Franklin Institute.  Marci Krell requested hold on decision given budget concerns; Jen Fox second motion to hold.

    Directory Form –Form will be sent home to obtain contact information for children in Doe Run with opt out options.  May be able to use A to Z connect for this endeavor. Discussed attaching link for information to the Newsletter and trying to complete the directory electronically.

    Theater Experience - Discussed pros and cons of helping to cover Field Trip bussing and Theater Experiences given specific Budget concerns and limitations.

    Square 1 Art - We would like to have a chair person/coordinator for Square 1 Art. Mrs. Dissinger would like to have a “Square 1 Rep” from the PTO to be a go-between from her to the team of 3-4 people who would like to help.  Barb Rodruan volunteered to assist in this capacity as needed. Wednesday, Oct 3rd they are looking for volunteers to assist.

    Fall Book Fair and Parents-to-Lunch (10/15-10/19)

    • Allison Grimm and Elyse Fisher will co-chair this event.
    • Watch for SignUp Genius for volunteers.
    • We’ll need extra help setting up on Oct. 11th at 9am and a teardown crew immediately following the Family Fun Night on Oct. 23rd at 8pm.

    Fall Family Fun Night

    • Will take place on Tuesday, 10/23 from 6-7:30. Book Fair will stay open until 8.
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  • September 10th, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Carol Gleeson on 10/1/2018 12:00:00 PM

    Doe Run Elementary PTO Minutes

    September 10, 2018

    7:00PM in the Doe Run Media Center


    Attendance:  Jim and Heather Landis, Abbey Montgomery, Sandy Brubaker, Kristy Schwartz, Erin Shelly, Cheryl Martin, Monica Stitzel, James and Amanda Abrashoff, Sabrina Parraga, Jackie Jones, Barb Rodruan, Jen Fox, Kristina Brubaker, NicoletteHernandez, Alison Grimm, Alicia Heisey, Casey Davids, Kim Kerstetter, Kara Goody, Caitlin Gabers, Amanda Gamble, Danielle Clemente, Nicole Hardy, Kerri Mateer, Mariah Roman, Kristen Haldeman


    Approval of May 2018 meeting minutes – Motion to approve was made by Kerri Mateer and second motion for approval was made by Barb Rodruan.


    Teacher Report from Mrs. Gamble – Reading specialist wants to share children are working hard completing the Reading Assessments this week. Soon reading groups will be formed; letters will be sent home informing you if your child will be seen by Reading Specialist. Reading Specialist will be sharing during Back to School Night. Further information about Title 1 will be presented at Fall Parent Advisory Council meeting.  Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Gamble or Mrs. McMeechan, teacher representatives to the PTO.


    Principal’s Report – Mr. Paynter

    Expressed thanks for the partnership with Parents and PTO during the first weeks of school this year including the Kindergarten breakfast.  Also expressed thanks for the Steven Courtney assembly held during the first week of school; would like to continue this Assembly in the future as able. Back to school night reminder to encourage parents to attend.

    Discussed purpose of Baron’s Best which recognizes children for good behaviors.


    Treasurers’ Report by Sabrina – PTO met over the Summer to devise budget for this year. Discussed monies earned and/or money budgeted for Box Tops, Giant Rewards, Race for Education and Stauffer’s Rewards. Goal to make around $36,200 this year.  There is money in a money market; savings of $24,000 to use as needed pending budget. Numbers adjusted in budget for this year accordingly based on class/grade sizes.  Money allotted this year for Steven Courtney’s assembly for the students which occurred during the first week of school.  Review of various items budgeted for Carnival, Daddy Daughter Dance, Family Fun Fitness Night, Science Night, among other line items. Refer to written copies of budget.


    Discussed budgeting for field trips this year and its impact on the overall Budget with need to budget more money towards field trips than originally discussed over the Summer by PTO and possibly adjust budget for other areas (i.e. Race for Education).  Decided budget will be increased for Field Trip bussing to $35,000. Erin to create a form to send to Parents that includes information on the budget and where monies are allotted during the year to support our Students.  Sabrina also provided information regarding MCFEE and the fundraiser with gift baskets; a committee will be formed with budget of $1,000 made to continue efforts towards fundraising. Mini-grants approved again for this year with a $3,000 budget for teachers to submit requests to utilize these monies.  Monica then provided information regarding Stauffer’s and Giant rewards.


    Old Business

    End of the Year Carnival – raffle baskets  for STEM raised over $1000. Plan is to continue Carnival with a joint effort with Burgard. 

     4th Grade Breakfast successful.

    Kindergarten Breakfast – feedback shared; went well and people enjoyed this breakfast.

    First weeks of school have gone smoothly.


    New Business

    Room Parents will be announced by Wednesday. Opportunities for Kindergarten readers will be available again as well this year.

    Back-to-School Night 9/13 (6:00-8:00PM)

    Picture Day 9/25 – look for sign up genius.

    Rapid Hearing Screenings

    • 9/20 (7:50AM-11:00AM)
      • Ostasewski requested 5-6 volunteers to help go to the classroom and escort the students to the screening room.

    Square 1 Art

    Mrs. Dissinger would like to have a “Square 1 Rep” from the PTO to be a go-between from her to the team of 3-4 people who would like to help.  First step will be labeling the artwork during the week of the 9/24.


    Fall Book Fair and Parents-to-Lunch (10/15-10/19)

    This is a time where parents can join their children at lunch and then shop at the book fair.  We are looking for a chairperson for this event and will need several volunteers this week.


    Fall Family Fun Night (date to be determined) will be during the Book Fair.  Mr. Fink has volunteered to run this event with request for PTO to help support event via volunteers.

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  • April 9th, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 4/10/2018

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Kristen Haldeman, Erin Shelly, Toniel Fetter, Jen Fox, Suzanne McMechen, Sandy Brubaker, Kristy Schwartz, Leslie Dissinger, Barb Rodruan, Kelly Rohrer, Sabrina Parraga, Kerri Mateer, Monica Stitzel, Elizabeth Williams, Krystle Nemeth and Cheryl Martin.

    Approval of March Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Kerri Mateer and second motion for approval was made by Barb Rodruan.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen

    Mrs. McMechen stated that we are entering PSSA week and the kids are excited. Mrs. McMechen also stated that conferences went well, everyone seems to be liking the new system of scheduling online. Mrs. McMechen and Mrs. Boas are holding a tea at the end of the month for 50 students and 50 adults. They are looking for a total of $125, $100 for food and $25 for incidentals. They are planning on having the tea between 8:30-9:30 am. Motion to approve was made by Kristy Schwartz and second motion for approval was made by Sabrina Parraga. Mrs. Dissinger asked for racks and trays to be used to store students 3D projects. Mrs. Dissinger is requesting 2 tall racks at $130 each and 2-12 packs of trays to go with the racks. The total is $500. Motion to approve was made by Jen Fox and second motion for approval was made by Toniel Fetter.

    Principal’s Report-Dr. Nemeth

    Dr. Nemeth stated that we had a great turn out for Bingo night and it was amazing and so much fun for the students. Carnival is coming up on May 18th and Dr. Nemeth offered her support to the committee planning this event. The last day of school for students is June 12th because the students have met the required number of minutes. The staff will then have their last day on June 15th and will be doing Act 80 days. Dr. Nemeth also stated that our 2nd vulnerability study will be done soon so that we can make our drills the most effective for our students and staff.

    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga and Monica Stitzel

    In March we collected 2,950 box tops.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A)Bingo-Thank you to Stacy Hondru and her crew for making this a great night. We had enough seating and everyone had fun.

    B)Spring Conference Meals-Thank you to Jen Bushey and all the volunteers who helped to make this a success. The teachers loved the meals.

    C)Book Fair-We have over $8,000 scholastic dollars. It will be a $1,000 for the scholastic flyers for the classrooms. Kristen is going to check into whether we can turn scholastic dollars back into real dollars, if we can will do this.

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A)Talent Show-We have 40 acts for the talent show. Rehearsal will be on Tuesday, April 10th and the show will be on Thursday, April 12th. The Talent Show will be held at the middle school. Anyone interested in helping with stage crew should let Kristen know.

    B)Yearbook-The Year Book was submitted today. Kristen wanted to thank her team for their awesome and above and beyond help. The year books will come in the last week of May and they will be given out the last week of school.

    C)Race for Education-Race will be held on May 4th. Toniel stated that teachers are still working on filling out mailers until Friday. We received our first mailer back already! April 23rd, we will be starting to count mailers. On race day we will need lots of volunteers. Kindergarten and first grade will run together and 2nd-4th grade will run together on race day. For room parents, next year Toniel will email a copy of the mailer to the room parents so they can see it before they come in to help the students fill them out. Monica suggested having the students names photocopied on the mailers. Toniel said that it would take a lot of time unless room parents choose to do it or we did it on a room to room basis. Kristen mentioned that room parents were overwhelmed this year so that might not be the best option. Erin recommended having labels printed out for parents next year so they don’t have to rewrite them.

    D)Staff Appreciation Week-May 7th-11th-We have done gift cards in the past for teachers and aides. Dr. Nemeth can give exact numbers if we need them, once we know what we are doing.

    E)Officers for 2018-2019 School Year-The officers we will vote on in May for next year are:

    President:Erin Shelly, Vice-President:Kristen Haldeman, Treasurer:Sabrina Parraga and Monica Stitzel and Secretary:Kristy Schwartz.

    F)Carnival May 18th-There will be a planning meeting for this event at the HCB library on April 16th at 7pm. This will be an elementary-wide event that will be held by the pool field.

    G)4th Grade Graduation-Dawn Goodhart is chairing this event which will be held on June 12th.


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  • March 5th, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 3/6/2018

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Toniel Fetter, Suzanne McMechen, Erin Shelly, Kerri Mateer, Kristen Haldeman, Monica Stitzel, Kristy Schwartz, Sabrina Parraga, Olga Womer, Dawn Shafferman, Barb Rodruan, Krystle Nemeth, Jen Bushey, Cheryl Martin and Elijah Bernat.

    Approval of February Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and second motion for approval was made by Sabrina Parraga.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen

    Mrs. McMechen said thank you for the book fair help. She heard positive feedback from the teachers. Ms. Carino is requesting a mini-grant for kindergarten. Ms. Carino would like $385 for two 45 minute programs for kids to learn about bugs. This would be for all the kindergarten classes. First motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and 2nd motion for approval was made by Eli Bernat.

    Principal’s Report-Mrs. Nemeth

    Mrs. Nemeth said thank you for all the help with the book fair and MC reading night. Mrs. Nemeth also discussed that the district is putting a lot of thought into the safety of our students. At Doe Run, we have a new procedure that before you enter the building, you must ring the bell and state your name and why you are at the school. The purpose of this is to have multiple steps into the building and then once inside everyone has a badge. Local law enforcement helps us to shape our procedures and they are also constantly thinking about how we can help the kids. Erin Shelly asked a question about whether we would have a bag/coat check in the future, Mrs. Nemeth said this is something that has not been discussed at this time. Kerri Mateer asked if it would be possible to have a parent meeting for parents to discuss safety concerns for our children. Mrs. Nemeth said this is something she would consider doing before a PTO meeting and would possibly have Sue Senter come and talk to the parents. Sabrina Parraga asked about whether the glass was bullet proof. Mrs. Nemeth said that the office area has ballistic glass but she is not sure where and how much area it covers. Mrs. Nemeth will look into this and let us know. Eli Bernat asked if the school board would be willing to pay for extra measures to be taken to keep our kids safe. Kristen Haldeman stated that she was at the Board meeting and that the Board is discussing it and looking into what would be needed.

    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga and Monica Stitzel

    Sabrina and Monica stated there is not too much to report. Teacher wish lists are coming in and we had a deposit for box tops.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    1. A) Kindergarten Reading Helpers-Right now we are waiting to hear back from the kindergarten teachers to see if they still want/need helpers going forward.
    2. B) Jump Rope for Heart-Mr. Fink wanted to thank all the parents that helped with snacks for Jump Rope for Heart.
    3. C) Science Night-This night was a success and everyone had fun. Thank you to Amy for organizing this on our side.
    4. D) MC Reads-The kids loved it and every child received a book. Thank you to Mrs. Troiano for organizing this.

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    1. A) Spring Book Fair-This event is finishing up this week. The book fair went better than expected and it was a great week. This week, each student will get a free book. The plan is to go around to the classrooms and give the students a book.
    2. B) Race for Education-Assembly for this event will be held on March 27th at 1:15pm. Toniel is looking at possibly having the popcorn donated for the Popcorn and Lemonade parties. Popcorn and Lemonade parties will be held on April 2nd to kick off race. Race packets will also be due back on April 2nd and then we will ask for mailer help for April 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th. Toniel has pencils and bracelets as prizes for the kids too.
    3. C) Spring Picture Day-The sign-up sheet went out for this event.
    4. D) Bingo-This will be held on March 22nd from 6-8pm at Doe Run. Stacy Hondru is heading up this event. Originally this event was scheduled to be with Burgard but the schools decided to do it by themselves.
    5. E) Spring Conference Meal-This will be happening March 27th-28th. Jen Bushey is organizing this again for us.
    6. F) Junior Achievement still needs two volunteers for Mrs. Hess and Mrs. Herzer. Junior Achievement gives you a kit and makes it easy. If anyone is interested, let Kristen know.
    7. G) Talent Show- This will be held on April 12th. Mrs. Troiano is organizing this event and is still deciding how it is going to look.
    8. H) Yearbook-Kristen is looking for someone to chair the yearbook, if you or anyone you know is interested, contact Kristen.
    9. I) Teacher Appreciation is the first week in May.
    10. J) Carnival-Mr. Paynter would like the schools to do 3 things together a year. These events will be Science Night, Movie Night and we are talking about doing Carnival together. If we do carnival together we are thinking about moving it to the grassy area near the pool so Burgard families could walk and join us. Due to scheduling conflicts, we are looking at moving carnival to May 18th or June 1st. Kristen will talk to Mr. Fink about basketball games and the unicycle riders to see if he would still want to do these activities at the Carnival.


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  • February 5th, 2018 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 2/6/2018

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Sabrina Parraga, Jen Bushey, Toniel Fetter, Sandy Brubaker, Amy Minnich, Kristen Haldeman, Kerri Mateer, Elizabeth Behney, Elizabeth Williams, Erin Shelly, Elijah Bernat, Cheryl Martin, Jen Fox and Art Paynter.

    Approval of December Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and second motion for approval was made by Liz Behney.

    Teacher’s Report-Kristen Haldeman

    A mini grant request was submitted for the Daddy Daughter Dance for $300. This will be held at Doe Run on April 27th at 6pm. A committee is planning a DJ, decorations etc. Motion to approve was made by Kristen Haldeman and 2nd motion was made by Toniel Fetter. We also discussed whether to pick books by grade or class for the free book the PTO gives each child in the Spring. It was decided that we would have 5 books for each grade and the students could pick from those choices. We will set this up in the large group areas so that teachers can do this at their own leisure.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter thanked everyone for their help in making movie night successful. Mr. Paynter also shared with us that the Board has made changes to their Wellness Policy. This was something that had to happen because of our state funding. They are trying to limit outside food that comes into our school. Starting in March, children will no longer be allowed to bring in food items as birthday treats. Children are still allowed to bring in pencils, stickers, erasers etc. Under this new policy, we will be allowed to have 4 class parties a year and they will be able to be operated how we do now, getting donations from parents and having food sent in. Mr. Paynter wanted to know if we had any questions regarding this new policy before he sent it out to parents.

    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga

    Teachers have been turning in their wish lists. Scholastic points we have can be turned into cash. Books for the One School, One Book were bought from a different party because they were cheaper, so we have scholastic points left that are expiring in April. Mrs. Troiano was given money for Family Reading Night. Mrs. Troiano wants to give each child a book at Family Reading Night. Box Tops, Giant and Stauffer Rewards are all going well. This year Room Parents are making baskets for the MCFEE Auction April 14th. The Auction this year will be held at MBIC and Sabrina encouraged everyone to attend if they can. There is also a website too if anyone is interested in learning more about MCFEE or the event. Discussion was brought up about having a committee to do the baskets moving forward as opposed to having room parents do them.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    1. A) Kindergarten Reading Helpers-This has been going well. We have had parents coming in to help and the teachers and students appreciate their help.
    2. B) Cars 3 Movie Night-Children had fun and enjoyed the movie and time with their friends. Some children left crying because they did not win the raffle, Kristen wanted to know if this was part of life or if we could do something different next year. We all decided that it was part of life and learning to be happy for your friends.

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    1. A) Jump Rope for Heart February 20-26th-Mr. Fink and Jen Fox will be coming up with a snack and helper schedule for when the kids are jumping.
    2. B) Science Night February 22nd-Amy Minnich said we are ready to go. Burgard is splitting the cost 50/50 with us. Dave Ludwig has agreed to take back any food we don’t use.
    3. C) Spring Book Fair February 26th-March 1st-If the weather is bad we will extend this event so that everyone can enjoy the book fair. In addition to the Family Reading Night, each class will have an opportunity to come down to the book fair with their class. We have decided to table Muffins with Moms and Doughnuts with Dads this year due to weather and parking issues. For next year we are looking at moving this event to the Spring.
    4. D) Family Reading Night February 27th-We will have parking attendants for Family Reading Night. We decided to slide some money over from Spring Book Fair to Family Reading Night. This was the same line item so more money is now going to Family Reading Night.
    5. E) Race Assembly-It was decided that the Race Assembly will be on March 26th. It will be a K-4 assembly. Mr. Paynter and Toniel were going to decide on a time for the assembly. Race is going to be held here at Doe Run this year. Ideas were brainstormed as how to get money in and how to reward children.
    6. F) Spring Picture Day-March 12th
    7. G) Bingo Night-March 22nd at Doe Run
    8. H) Spring Conference Meal March 27th-28th


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  • December 4th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 12/5/2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7:04pm. 

    Attendance:  Kristen Haldeman, Erin Shelly, Monica Stitzel, Sabrina Parraga, Susan McMechen, Krystle Nemeth, Jen Bushey…

    Approval of November Minutes:  Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and 2nd motion was made by Sabrina Parraga.

    Teacher’s Report: Conference meals were much appreciated!  Mrs. McMechen wondered what the attendees thought of the online sign-up for conferences and did anyone have suggestions.  All attendees thought the process went smoothly and the only suggest was to not schedule siblings back-to-back as it was too hard to get to the next conference on time.  Perhaps 15 minutes between would be a suggestion to parents for next year. 

    Mini Grant Request from 2nd grade in the amount of $400 for Continent Day activity.  The 2nd graders will participate in an afternoon of exploring the continents as a culmination to their map skills unit.  The students can bring an adult guest to help engage in interactive activities.  This activity serves 150 students and meets curriculum standard 7.3.2.A for social studies, CC.1.2.2.A & CC.1.2.2.: for ELA.  Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and 2nd motion was by Kristen Haldeman.  All attendees voted in favor of approving the mini grant. 

    It was suggested for Mrs. McMechen to send a reminder to teachers about availability of mini grants as this was the first request this school year and there’s a $3,000 available budget.  Also a reminder to teachers to utilize their Teacher Wish List allocations (full-time Doe Run teachers $150, part-time and support amounts vary). 

    Principal’s Report: Thank you again for the delicious food from conferences!  Kindergarten readers is going well and continues to have opportunities to sign-up.  Craft Day was a huge success and the overall effort was amazing.  The students had fun and talked about their crafts throughout the day.  All Pro Dads breakfast going on – attendance projected lower, perhaps parking is a factor?  Zulily pictures available for viewing and downloading.  The link was expired and updated for additional 30 days. 

    Treasurer’s Report:  Expenses in November included Fall Book fair supplies/prizes, Family Fun/Fitness night food and supplies, Summer Reading reward, and Teacher Wish Lists.  The deposit from Stiegel’s funds was deposited in the amount of $14,201.74 to Doe Run.  Box Tops are still going great (4,147).  Giant Rewards- Monica Stitzel created a step-by-step instructions for people having trouble signing-up for reward points. 

    Old Business:  Parent Teacher Conferences-totally run by food donations.  In fact, sign-ups fill up so quick there was some talk about asking families not to sign-up for multiple items.  The overall impression is that sign-up genius is a great success!  Moms in Prayer also helped by donating crockpot meals for conferences.  There was discussion about adding something creative during the day for teachers as a model after a Stiegel tradition.  They would have a retired teacher bring around a snack cart and other fun ideas to treat staff.

    Holiday Craft- Kristen Haldeman visited the Burgard Holiday Store to explore options for the future.  She said that gift items were $10 or less.  Doe Run’s holiday craft day was a success this year and attendees had a lot of positive compliments!  The attendees compliments how smoothly it ran even with double the amount of students at Doe Run this year.  Kristen Haldeman was thankful that parents really took ownership of leading crafts and finishing prepping the day of event.  Attendees were in favor of Craft Day continuing next year.  It was suggested that more prepping be done ahead of craft day as parents would be willing to help more, so it didn’t become too much for one person.  In the past the core team members worked as partners to generate craft ideas, purchase supplies and prep crafts for number of students assigned to that craft, while the chair-person established deadlines, organized demo day, created lists/labels, and helped as needed. On craft day many parents showed up to help students as needed.

    Kindergarten Reading Helpers- All went well in November.  Those who volunteered received email messages regarding expectation, time and teacher. 

    New Business:  Movie Night- The date has been changed to January 12, 2018 due to conflicts at the middle school.  This is a joint event with Burgard, which includes prize baskets and cookies and milk after the movie.  Kristen Haldeman was looking for someone to chair the event, and it was suggested to speak to Sue Worthing who worked the event last year and may know who’d be willing to chair.  There was discussion about movie ideas and need to pay for viewing license. 

    Upcoming Events: 

    A).  Science Night –February 22nd  (Chair-Amy Minnich)

    B).  Spring Book Fair – February 26- March 2nd (muffins/doughnuts-Pastries with Parents)- There was discussion regarding preserving this Stiegel morning event and the availability of parking in the morning.  Walking in the cold will be a challenge from BIC.  There were questions regarding the number for attendance and sending home papers for RSVP.  Also reminders that weather can interfere and cause delays/cancellations.  It was suggested that school Food Services be used for group events as the preparation is monitored.  It was noted that parent made snacks/birthday snacks will likely be discouraged as the push for use of school food services continues due to allergies.  Discussion tabled until Kristen Haldeman could speak with Stiegel representatives for ideas/suggestions regarding parking concerns.

    C). Read Across America and Family Reading Night –March 2nd

    Adjournment: at 8:04pm

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  • November 6th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 11/7/2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm. At the start of the meeting, we went around and introduced ourselves and said the names and grades of our kiddos at Doe Run.

    Attendance-Elizabeth Williams, Kristen Haldeman, Erin Shelly, Jen Fox, Monica Stitzel, Sabrina Parraga, Sandy Brubaker, Art Paynter, Toniel Fetter, Kristy Schwartz, Jenny Campos, Melissa Troiano, Jen Bushey and Andrea Hopkins.

    Approval of October Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and 2nd motion was made by Monica Stitzel.

    Teacher’s Report-No teacher representative was present. Parent/Teacher Advisory Council Meeting happened today. They are trying to create a parent/teacher community. Kim Norcross and Rose Licht are in charge of this, if you have questions for them, you are able to sign-up for conferences with them.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter thanked everyone who helped for Family Fun Night It was a success and everyone had fun. Discussed Parent to Lunch week, Toniel Fetter brought up that next year, we should only give the parents one time so that they show up for the whole lunch period. This year some parents only showed up for the lunch part and then the volunteers were watching the kiddos until the parent came. The book fair in the evening went well and was a success. This year you can sign-up online for parent conferences.

    Treasurer’s Report-Monica Stitzel and Sabrina Parraga

    Box Tops paid out for stamps. Counting Box Tops went well. Book Fair money came in and went out. The Spring Book Fair budget might need to be adjusted to $200, will look at this in the Spring. Some teachers took advantage of their wish lists. The dividing of the PTO funds between the schools has been decided. The funds from each school were combined, Doe Run-$42,263.69; Burgard-$29,826 and Stiegel-$17,319.49 for a total of $89,409.18. The $89,409.18 was then divided by 1,110, the total number of elementary students in the district for a total of $80.55 per student. So Stiegel will write Doe Run a check for $14,201.74 and Burgard a check for $3,118.88. This will give Doe Run $56,465 for our budget, which should allow us to keep the $10,000 in our money market account. Monica and Sabrina wanted people to know that we have a mailbox in the office if people have receipts that they need money from the PTO, they can put them in there. The officers check the mailbox on a regular basis. It was also discussed that we make up a reimbursement form. Stiegel had one that they used, so Monica and Sabrina were going to reach out to Carol to see if we could get a copy of it and use it for our purposes at Doe Run.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A.)Book Fair (Erin Shelly)-Our book fair did great, we had $13,400 in sales and we get 55 cents for every dollar so the school earned $6,700. We will need to change how we do One School, One Book this year because we found out that we cannot use Scholastic dollars for this. Family Fun Night was a huge success, our book fair made over $4,000 that night. We also brought in $900 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Each child in our school will get a book; we will do the book cart in the spring for the kids. Something that was brought up to consider for the spring or next year is what Burgard had done in the past for their kiddos with book fair. Burgard gave each child money to buy a book so that every child could participate in the book fair. Erin did let us know that we do have a box of books that we can use for kids who do not have money to spend at the book fair; for spring book fair, we will send a reminder out to teachers.

    B.)Parents to Lunch- Friday we ended up having 60 extra parents. Overall the week went smoothly for our first Parents to Lunch week at our new school.

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A.)Kindergarten Reading Helpers (Jen Fox)-We are asking for volunteers to come in and read to or with our kindergartners to help them get to the level they need to be at. You will need your clearances for this. We are trying to have helpers come in in the morning and the afternoon. A sign-up went out for November and we will continue to have helpers until possibly February.

    B.)Teacher Conference Meals (Jen Bushey)-MIPS is going to be doing lunch on the 21st and we will do the rest. Jen said a sign-up will be coming out soon. An idea was presented about making a meal for each teacher and their family on conference night. This is something that the room parents could possibly do, look into for the spring.

    C.)Holiday Craft-December 1st-The children will get to choose from 5 different crafts. Kristen is looking for 50 volunteers. Jen Bushey suggested dividing the time slots into 1 ½ hour time slots for parents who work or who may not be able to come in for the full 3 hours.

    D.)Movie Night-We are looking for a Chair Person for Movie night. Our original date will need to be moved, the middle school is having their Bingo Night the same night as our movie night.

    Upcoming Events-Kristen Haldeman

    A.)Picture Retake Day-November 14th

    B.)Teacher Conference Meals-November 20th-21st

    C.)Holiday Craft-December 1st

    D.)Movie Night-January 19th?

    **Toniel Fetter asked some Race for Education questions. Will Race be run at Doe Run this year or would we have the kids walk to the Stadium? Our goal for Race this year is $35,000.

    Adjournment-at 8:05pm

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  • October 2nd, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 10/3/2017

    Meeting was called order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Kristen Haldeman, Barb Rodruan, Alicia Statts, LaQuata Kirkland, Jen Bushey, Kristy Schwartz, Sabrina Parraga, Erin Shelly, Sandy Brubaker, Cheryl Martin, Suzanne McMechen, Kelly Rohrer, Krystle Nemeth, Amanda Gamble, Elizabeth Williams, Monica Stitzel, Jenn Cox, Elizabeth Behney, Dawn Goodhart, Pam Grissinger, Radera, Elijah Bernat.

    Approval of September Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and second motion for approval was made by Liz Behney.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen and Mrs. Gamble

    The teachers were wondering if the PTO would have funds for class parties. Kristen explained that we run class parties by donations from the parents of the students in the class. Mrs. McMechen stated that now that we are Title 1, it will help us to get reading support for our kiddos. Mrs. Norcross and Mrs. Licht will be starting a Parent/Teacher Advisory Council for reading.

    Principal’s Report-Mrs. Nemeth

    Mrs. Nemeth thanked the PTO for volunteering for Picture Day and the Zulily Picture Day. Zulily donated $1,200 to decorate our school and they are also giving parents a 20% off coupon to Zulily. There will be a letter coming home tomorrow if you want to opt out of the picture from Zulily. Mr. Fink wants to have Family Fun Night during the book fair. He wanted the PTO’s thoughts. Family Fun Fitness Night will be held on Thursday, October 19th from 6-8pm. We have $400 budgeted for this event. Kreider’s ice cream was suggested as someone who could possibly give us donations for this event. Pam Grissinger mentioned that we could use some high school students to make balloon animals. Another parent suggested having a music man come and the family could play music together. She will e-mail Kristen details.

    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga and Monica Stitzel

    Two teachers took advantage of their wish list. We paid out this month for sticky buns for kindergarten breakfast. Expenses and Income from the carnival last year came in. Box Tops is off to a great start. We have $650 budgeted this year for Box Top Parties. A paper went home on Friday about Giant and Stauffer’s rewards. Giant rewards the parents must enter on their own. The Stauffer’s rewards we can enter for parents if they give us their information. A parent asked about our budget, we feel like we will be okay this year. This year is a trial run for us with the budget and we will be keeping notes so we know what we need to adjust for next year. The PTOs are still working on how to divide the money between them. A proposal has been made to pool all the money together from Doe Run, Stiegel and Burgard and then divide the money per student. Doe Run has $42,263.69, Stiegel has $17,319.49 and Burgard has $29,826. We are thinking we will end up getting $10,000 from Stiegel but we are still waiting to hear how it will be divided.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A) Picture Day-It went well and Kristen thanked the helpers.

    B) Zulily Picture Day-The kids had a lot of fun with it.

    C) Room Parents Have Been Chosen-Teachers should be hearing from their Room Parents shortly if they haven’t already.

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A) Book Fair-The book fair will be held October 16th-24th this year. Kristen let parents know that Scholastic Book Orders differ from Book Fair orders. We are going to have an evening event this year with the book fair, Mr. Fink’s Family Fun Fitness Night. This year Scholastics will be holding a fundraiser to help a school district affected by the Hurricane. Kids can bring in donations the week of the book fair and Scholastics will match them. The budget for the book fair was moved from 0 to $100. Parents to Lunch week will also be held October 16th-24th.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A) Picture Retake Day-November 14th

    B) Teacher Conference Meals-November 20-21st

    C) Holiday Craft-December 1st


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  • September 11th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 9/12/2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Jen Fox, Kelly Rohrer, Kristen Haldeman, Monica Stitzel, Dawn Kammerer, Sabrina Parraga, Cheryl Martin, Sharon Margiotta, Amy Minnich, Suzanne McMechen, Krystle Nemeth, Kerri Mateer, Erin Shelly, Elizabeth Behney, Jenn Cox, Dawn Shatberm, Amanda Gamble, Melissa Troiano, Christina Taylor, Elizabeth Williams, Kristy Schwartz, Casey Davis, Allison Grimm, Whitney Albrecht, Sandy Brubaker, Stacy Neiles, Art Paynter and Pam Grissinger.

    Approval of May Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey and second motion for approval was made by Jen Fox.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen and Mrs. Gamble

    Back to School Night will be on Thursday from 6-8pm. This week has been DIBELS week and STAR math assessment week. Mrs. McMechen shared that we have 1:1 iPads for all the students this year. The iPad will stay at the school. Mrs. McMechen asked about teacher’s wish lists amount, some teachers have been asking. The amount for teachers this year is $150.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter introduced Mrs. Nemeth to the PTO. Mr. Paynter said it has been a good start to the school year; the kids are getting to know each other and the building. Mr. Paynter thanked the PTO for helping with arrival/dismissal and lunches. Having the help made the experience great for the kids. Today is day 5 and the kids are getting to know the routines. Parking for Back to School Night will be full, the school will have 2 parking attendants and overflow parking will be available at MBIC.

    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina and Monica

    Sabrina went over the budget line items and explained why numbers changed from last year. Most numbers changed due to the increase in the amount of students in our building.  Our goal for Race this year is $35,000. 4th grade graduation/celebration went up because it is based on the number of 4th grade students that we have enrolled. There will be no roller skating this year.  The library did not keep track of what schools the kids went to when they returned their papers to the library so the whole school is going to receive freeze pops to celebrate the Summer Reading Program. The PTOs are still working to divide the money between the schools to make sure that everything is equal.  Amy Minnich asked that the budget for Science Night should be increased to $400 from $300 due to what we spent last year. Motion to approve was made by Jen Bushey. Second motion for approval was made by Kerri Mateer.

    Stephanie Hunt is the new point person for Box Tops this year. She is in the process of getting a team together for counting box tops. Giants Rewards, you can sign up on-line and if you have children in different schools you can split your rewards between them.

    Old Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A) End of Year Carnival went really well. The amount of people that attend has increased over the years. The kids had fun and enjoyed all the activities.

    B) 4th Grade Breakfast/Graduation-The kids loved the clap out that the school did for them. The kids had fun and enjoyed having their pictures taken at the photo wall with their friends.

    C) Kindergarten Breakfast-It was a good time for parents to meet each other and get to know some of their child’s classmates. We had sticky buns this year that were amazing!

    New Business-Kristen Haldeman

    A) Room Parents-The room parent list will be released September 20, 2017.

    B) Book Fair this year will be October 12-20th. Allison Grimm, Erin Shelly and Elyse Fisher are helping to organize.

    Upcoming Events-Kristen Haldeman

    A) Back to School Night-Sept. 14th

    B) Fall Pictures-Sept. 26th

    C.)Parents to Lunch Week/Book Fair-Oct. 12th-20th

    *A question was asked about looking at starting events in the future earlier or moving them to a Saturday. The officers said it was something they would take into consideration for future events, later this year or next year.

    *Another question was brought up about the Daddy/Daughter Dance. Mr. Fink will be heading that up and has a committee that will be helping him.

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