• May 8th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 9/12/2017

    Doe Run PTO Meeting Minutes May 8th, 2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.
    Attendance-Amy Minnich, Jen Fox, Kristen Haldeman, Kelly Rohrer, Cheryl Martin, Mary Whiting, Sue Voegele, Art Paynter, Sabrina Parraga, Kristy Schwartz, Jen Bushey, Erin Shelly, Elijah Bernat and Kerri Mateer
    Approval of April Minutes-Motion to approve was made by Jen Fox and second motion for approval was made by Sabrina Parraga.
    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paytner
    Mr. Paynter thanked the PTO for Teacher Appreciation Week. The meeting today between the 3 PTOs went well.
    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga
    We have several receipts for Teacher Wish Lists coming in and also receipts from Race. Family Movie Night we are $90 over budget for now until we receive checks from Stiegel and Burgard, then we should be on budget.
    Old Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Talent Show-Went really great! The kids were really involved and encouraged everyone. We may want to think about a gift card next year for Mrs. Troiano, Mr. Fink and Mr. Schroeder.
    B) Staff Appreciation-The week went good and was a success.
    New Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Race-Race is going to be held on May 15th. We have all our volunteer spots filled up. We have encouraged the kids to wear their hats for race day. At the Year End Carnival, in the cafeteria, there will be the Race Mailers so that parents can see who donated money for their child.
    B) End of Year Carnival-Committee is planning on confetti poppers as an outside craft. The committee is still working on volunteers for the Carnival.
    C) 4th Grade Graduation and Breakfast-Candi Duong is in charge of decorations and it is going good. They have the backpacks - they are gray and black and using Leiding Edge to embroider the bags. The committee is planning on taking pictures of all the kids the day of graduation. Mr. Paynter is going to say a few words at graduation. They are currently running under budget for this activity.
    D) Voting-A motion was made to add Monica Stitzel to the ballot. Motion to approve made by Kristen Haldeman, 2nd motion for approval made by Kelly Rohrer. After voting the officers for the 2017-2018 school years will be:
    President-Kristen Haldeman
    Vice President-Erin Shelly
    Treasurers-Sabrina Parraga and Monica Stitzel
    Secretary-Jen Fox
    Upcoming Events-Mary Whiting
    A) Race for Education-May 15th
    B) All Pro Dads-May 17th
    C) Carnival-June 2nd
    D) Graduation-June 9th

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  • April 3rd, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 5/9/2017

    Doe Run PTO Meeting Minutes April 3rd, 2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.
    Attendance-Kristen Haldeman, Mary Whiting, Jen Fox, Suzanne McMechen, Elizabeth Behney, Erin Shelly, Cheryl Martin, Sabrina Parraga, Heather Fotiou, Elijah Bernat, Kerri Mateer and Art Paynter.
    Approval of March Minutes-Motion to approve minutes was made by Jen Fox and second motion for approval was made by Liz Behney.
    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen
    Next year is a theatre experience for Doe Run, something for the PTO to think about when doing the budget for next year. Mrs. McMechen will reach out to the liaisons from the other schools for next year and who will be the teacher representative. Mr. Fink is interested in doing boys on the run next year, but he would need a helper.
    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter
    PSSAs are starting tomorrow. Teachers are starting to pack up their rooms. The principals may be asking for help from the PTO to help pack up common areas.
    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga
    The book fair money came in and went out. We are paying for Scholastic Readers for next year; our Scholastic dollars are covering this. Cash also went out for Race for Education hats. We also paid a mini-grant for Hands on House.
    Old Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Hershey Tickets-We sold 79 tickets and received 7 free tickets.
    B) Conference Meals-Everything went great. Mrs. McMechen said it was Awesome! The teachers enjoyed the pasta, salad and bread, sandwiches and hearty snacks.
    C) Race for Education-Kick-off for Race went well, the kids are excited. Parents are welcome to come and watch from the stands.
    D) Bingo-This event went well. We are planning to have this event be a combined event again next year. An idea for next year would be to have people RSVP so the committee would have an idea of the number of people to expect.
    New Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Staff Appreciation Week-May 1st-5th. We have some surprises planned for the staff that week.
    B) Race for Education-May 5th
    C) End of Year Carnival-As of now the committee is coming in over budget and they are asking that their budget be increased to 1500 instead of 1000. Motion to approve this made by Kristen Haldeman, 2nd motion for approval made by Mary Whiting.
    D)4th Grade Breakfast and Graduation-The backpacks have been ordered, as have the yearbooks for the 4th graders. The committee is thinking about having a clap out for the 4th graders where all the classes come out into the hall and clap for them.
    E) Officer Announcements/Chair People to remain on-The following are the people who have been put on the ballot for officers to be voted upon at next month’s meeting:
    President-Kristen Haldeman; Vice President-Erin Shelly; Secretary-Jen Fox and Treasurer-Sabrina Parraga.
    Upcoming Events-Mary Whiting
    A) Spring Pictures-April 11th
    B) Teacher Appreciation-May 1st-5th
    C) Last PTO meeting-May 8th
    D) Race for Education-May 5th
    E) All Pro Dads-May 17th
    F) Carnival-June 2nd
    G) 4th Grade Graduation-June 9th

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  • March 6th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 4/4/2017

    Doe Run Meeting Minute for March 6th, 2017
    Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by Mary Whiting
    Attendance-Mr. Pyle, Mary Whiting, Jen Fox, Cheryl Martin, Elizabeth Behney, Kerri Mateer, Sabrina Parraga, Jen Bushey, Kristen Haldeman and Toniel Fetter.
    Approval of February minutes-Motion to approve made by Liz Behney and second motion for approval made by Kerri Mateer.
    Vice Principal’s Report-Mr. Pyle
    The book fair was a success. Mr. Pyle thanked parents for their support this year so far and for the conference meals that will be coming in this week. Everything has been going well this year. The American Reading Program will be replacing WIN time. This program should provide consistency and more data for kids with how they are reading. There will be a transition period/learning curve so Mr. Pyle is asking for patience. The Principals are starting to look at staffing now that the Board has decided on Option E for redistricting. Would like to have the teachers know as soon as possible what school they will be at next year. It is Mr. Pyle’s hope that the children will know who their teacher will be at the end of the year and he is hoping to still have step up today; it will just look a little different. As of now we should be able to be in the new Doe Run on August 17th. Mr. Pyle asked for $458.73 to be given for bussing for the Arthimitickles program that happened earlier in the year. Due to the weather, the children had to be bussed which made the cost go up. First motion to approve made by Jen Bushey, 2nd motion made by Sabrina Parraga.
    Treasurer’s Report-Sabrina Parraga
    Science Night, field trip bussing and teacher wish list items went in. All Pro Dads movie day just holding money for Mr. Fink right now, will go out soon.
    Old Business-Mary Whiting
    Doe Run Reads Kick Off, Jump Rope for Heart, Roller Skating, Book Fair and Science Night all went well. We didn’t reach the max for roller skating, which was good.
    New Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Hershey Park Tickets-Papers due back the end of March.
    B) Conference Meals-Everything is filled out and ready to go for teachers.
    C) Race for Education-Kick off Assembly will be March 13th. Theme for Race this year is Run Wild. For bringing in one label kids will get a Mega animal baseball cap. For every 5 labels you return up to 15 labels kids will get a raffle ticket to win prizes. Hoping that the kids will all wear their hats on Race day.
    D) Bingo-Liz Behney is in charge of food for this event, working with 2 parents from Stiegel and Burgard. Flyer being worked on to come home. Bingo night will be March 23rd.
    Upcoming Event
    A) Conference Meals-March 9th and 10th
    B) Bingo Night-March 23rd
    C) Spring Pictures-April 11th
    Adjournment -8:10pm

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  • February 6th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 3/7/2017

    Doe Run PTO Meeting Minutes-February 6th, 2017
    Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Mary Whiting.
    Attendance: Kelly Rohrer, Jen Fox, Art Paynter, Cheryl Martin, Suzanne McMechen, Elizabeth Behney, Mary Whiting, Candi Duong, Sue Voegele, Heather Fotiou and Kristen Haldeman.
    Approval of January minutes-Motion to approve made by Candi Duong and second motion for approval made by Sue Voegele.
    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen
    Started Doe Run Reads today. The whole school is reading Ralph and the Motorcycle.
    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter
    PBIS rotations next week. Davis Demographic information about redistricting will be presented on the 13th at 7pm to the Board. On February 16th at 7pm there will be a Town Hall Meeting. The Board will vote on the plan on February 21st.
    Treasurer’s Report-Kelly Rohrer
    Approved 2 teacher’s wish list items for a total of $48. We voted to increase the budget line for Reading Night to $250. First motion was made by Candi Duong and 2nd motion was made by Kristen Haldeman. Vote was a unanimous yes. For Box tops next year we want to try to have a committee of 2-3 people for parties. Kindergarten was asking for a mini-grant for $495 for Hands on House to come in and present Not Just Trees. First motion made by Mary Whiting, 2nd motion made by Sue Voegele.
    Old Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Movie Night-500 people came, everything went great with it and everyone had a fun time.
    B) Doe Run Reads Kicks off on Feb. 6th
    New Business-Mary Whiting
    A) Hershey Tickets-Flyer was sent home this week and is due back by the end of March.
    B) Science Night-Flyer will be being sent home on the 16th, 1 week before Science night which will be held on the 23rd. There will be several rooms open and children can rotate through each room. Please enter from the side doors.
    C) Roller Skating-Flyer will be coming home with new RSVP because we have 2 time slots available to pick from.
    D) Read Across America Week-Will be held on March 2nd at 6:30pm and go until 8pm. There will be snack in the cafeteria, craft, picture station and book fair. Book Fair will be open 30 mins before and 30 mins after.
    E) Spring Book Fair-The theme this year is Happy Camper Book Fair. Have S’more Fun with Books. 3rd and 4th grader will be the only ones who will be able to come down during lunch. On Reading night K-2nd can shop at the Book Fair. Parents can also shop on-line. There will be 2 registers going on Thursday night.
    F) Conference Meals-Jen Bushey is in charge of and the meal is TBD
    G) 4th Grade Graduation-Backpacks should end up being between $6-8. Sue Voegele asked that the budget be increased from $400 to $700 for the 4th grade breakfast. Motion made by Jen Fox, 2nd motion made by Liz Beheny. Vote was a unanimous yes.
    H) Backpack Program-Looking for 2 volunteer every Thursday to set up and take down for this program. Would like to split this between the 3 elementary PTO’s and the Middle School PTO
    I) Library-We made a note to add a budget line item for next year to provide an ice cream treat to students who completed the Summer Reading Program. Students will get ice cream cones and a certificate. Line item will be $200.
    Upcoming Events
    A) Science Night-February 23rd
    B) Roller Skating-February 23rd
    C) Read Across America Week/Book Fair-February 27th to March 3rd
    D) Conference Meals-March 9th and 10th
    Adjournment at 7:50pm

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  • January 9th, 2017 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 1/10/2017

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance-Kelly Rohrer, Kristen Haldeman, Jen Fox, Mary Whiting, Jenn Cox, Erin Shelly, Sabrina Parraga, Jen Bushey, and Art Paynter.

    Approval of December minutes- Motion to approve minutes was made by Kelly Rohrer and second motion for approval was made by Erin Shelly.

    Teacher’s Report-there was nothing to report this month

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Starting “Baron’s Best” cards to promote a positive attitude in our school. Starting February 1st, Mr. Paynter wants to start a monthly newsletter to parents.

    Treasurer’s Report-Kelly Rohrer and Sabrina Parraga

    Everything is going well, still waiting on the receipts from Holiday craft to come in. Box Tops app was discussed, still trying to figure some things out with it.

    Old Business-Mary Whiting

    1. A) Directory came home.
    2. B) Talent Show has been moved to April 12th. Rehearsal will be April 10th. Mrs. Troiano and Amanda Richardson are in charge of.

    New Business-Mary Whiting

    1. A) Mini-Grants-Brehm Die Cut Machine: Ms. Brehm asked for money to buy a new die cut machine for the school. We looked at the options of spending $455 for extending the life of 2 machines by getting plates for them and then buying 1 new machine. The other option we looked at was spending $800 for 2 new machines and new plates for one. Voting was unanimous to spend the $800 and get the 2 new machines and plates for one.
    2. B) Movie Night-Sue Worthing is in charge of. We will be watching The Secret Life of Pets. Between the 3 schools, they have a lot of give aways to raffle off. We are expecting 500 people and will have milk and cookies at the end.
    3. C) Doe Run Reads-This is our One School, One Book event; it is just being called Doe Run Reads this year. The kick-off for this will be on February 6th. Doe Run Reads is funded by $1,000 in budget and we used scholastic dollars to fund the rest. We will still have enough scholastic dollars to give every child a book at the end of the year and weekly scholastics.
    4. D) Talent Show-Amanda Richardson

    Upcoming Events

    1. A) Movie Night-Jan. 13th
    2. B) Doe Run Reads-Feb. 6th


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  • December 5th, 2016 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 12/6/2016

    Meeting was called to order at 7:11pm.

    Attendance: Kristen Haldeman, Mary Whiting, Candy Snyder, Suzanne McMechen, Art Paynter, Jen Fox, Jen Bushey and Heather Fotiou.

    Approval of November Minutes-Motion to approve minutes made by Jen Bushey and second motion for approval made by Jen Fox.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen-Nothing to report this month.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter has been doing a weekly newsletter for his staff and wants to begin to do a monthly newsletter for parents.

    Treasurer’s Report-Kristen Haldeman

    Box Tops and Giant Rewards are going well.

    Old Business-Mary Whiting

    End of December a directory will be out to the students.

    Elyse Fisher has agreed to be the new chairperson for the book fair.

    Rollerskating has been postponed to February 25th, will still be at Mt. Gretna and there will be two sessions from 11-1 and 4:30-6:30. Families will be responsible for $2 skate rental.

    Teachers really enjoyed the conference meals from Isaacs.

    Everything with Holiday craft went well. An idea for next year for volunteers would be to have partial shifts instead of the full 3 hours so that parents know that they can come help for part of the time.

    New Business-Mary Whiting

    1. A) Movie Night-The movie will be Secret Life of Pets. We will have milk and cookies afterwards. Sue Worthing and the other ladies from Stiegel and Burgard are working on raffle prizes for the students.
    2. B) Talent Show-Mary presented the options that had been discussed by the PTO president to limit the time of the Talent Show. Option 1-Limit each school to 5 acts. Option 2-Do 2 Talent Shows, one at each school and then one together with the best acts from each school. Option 3-Have people sign up and then the presidents would choose diverse acts. These options were discussed and concerns about the logistics of having a 3 school talent show arose. After discussing the concern, we left it with each school trying to have their own individual Talent Show as long as every school was on board with that idea.

    Upcoming Events

    1. A) Movie Night-January 13th
    2. B) Talent Show ?


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  • November 7th, 2016 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 11/8/2016

    Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm by Kristen Haldeman.

    Attendance: Elizabeth Behney, Toniel Fetter, Allison Grimm, Candi Duong, Kerri Mateer, Erin Shelly, Cheryl Martin, Art Paynter, Jenn Cox, Kristen Haldeman, Sabrina Parraga, and Amanda Richardson.

    Approval of October Minutes -  Motion to approve minutes made by Kerri Mateer, and second motion for approval made by Candi Duong.

    Teacher’s Report – Kristen Haldeman

    Mrs. McMechen is asking for the PTO to fund the One School, One Book while waiting to hear back from the Women’s Club.  The cost of the funding is $961.35. Second grade is asking for $100 for a Poetry Tea Party.  Both of these would come out of the mini-grant fund.  Motion to approve was unanimous.

    Principal’s Report – Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter is expecting a great turnout for Parent Conferences on November 21 and 22. This is a great opportunity for the parents to see the work their children do each day, and to build a strong sense of community.  Mr. Paynter also proposed helping the Manheim Food Pantry.  The parents attending conferences would be asked to bring 2 canned food items with them.  Mr. Paynter planned a virtual conference with the WWII museum for the third and fourth graders.  The conference will focus on the Homefront, and is planned for Veterans Day, Friday, November 11.  Also, there is an issue with the Family Skate Night.  We have had a far greater response than expected, and are now over capacity for Mt Gretna Roller Rink.  Kristen has offered to contact them about possibly starting earlier, or changing the date. The motion to increase the budget for Family Skate Night from $100 to $300 to cover $1 of skate rental for students was approved unanimously.

    Treasurer’s Report – Sabrina Parraga

    The budget was reviewed by Sabrina Parraga.  The additional budget packet handed out shows where each payout went.  Box Tops are going well, and adding Doe Run to the Box Top app will be looked into.  Information for the Giant Rewards will be posted on the Facebook page as a reminder to parents. You also no longer need to reregister your Giant Card each year.

    Old Business

    The Book Fair was a huge success, totaling $5,603.96! We earn 50% of that in Scholastic Dollars, and now have over 4,000 Scholastic Dollars. Ideas for what to do with the Scholastic Dollars are being discussed.  Possibly giving each teacher an amount they can spend on classroom supplies, or purchasing the One Book (if Scholastic) for the students.  Parents to lunch had a great turn out.

    New Business

    Kelly is working on the Directory update.

    Picture retake day is November 15.

    Possible Co-Chair for Spring Book Fair has been found.

    Teacher Conference Meals – Meals from Isaac’s will be provided for Monday’s Dinner, totaling $6.37 per person.  A sign up will be sent out closer to conferences asking for parents to supply a hearty snack.  A motion to not increase the budget at this time was unanimously approved.

    Holiday Craft –Students selected from 4 choices and totals have been given to craft groups to begin preparation. There has been a great turnout for volunteers!

    Upcoming Events –Kristen Haldeman

    All Pro Dads – November 16

    Family Skate Night – November 19

    Holiday Craft – December 2

    Adjournment – 7:50pm

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  • October 3rd, 2016 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 10/4/2016

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Mary Whiting.

    Attendance: Kelly Rohrer, Sabrina Parraga, Mary Whiting, Suzanne McMechen, Jen Fox, Art Paynter, Erin Shelly, Heather Fotiou, Cheryl Martin, and Kristen Haldeman.

    Approval of September Minutes-Motion to approve minutes made by Jen Fox and second motion for approval made by Heather Fotiou.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen

    One School, One Book is going to be done again this year. Mrs. Troiano will be heading it up.  Second grade is requesting $170 for Continents around the World. Mr. Keller is requesting $170 for T-shirts for Anti-Bullying for the teachers.  Both of these will come out of the mini-grant fund. Mary Whiting made the motion to approve and Sabrina Parraga seconded the motion.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter and Mr. Pyle extended a thank you to parents for their attendance at Back to School Night. Mr. Paynter also shared that Race for Education has been approved by the Board, so we will be running that in May. The board also approved Davis Demographics to help come up with plans for re-districting for the next school year. Hopefully there will be a Town Hall meeting in February to discuss the options. The board approved school plans for the new school at the Doe Run Site. The board is trying to match the plans between the elementary schools so that there is equality between the 2 schools. Mr. Paynter and Mr. Pyle have decided that they cannot have a permanent schedule letting parents know what school they will be at what days, so parents should feel free to e-mail them if they need to contact them.

    Treasurer’s Report-Kelly Rohrer and Sabrina Parraga

    The budget was reviewed by Kelly and Sabrina, no significant changes since last month. Box tops and Giant rewards are going well.  Kid Stuff book was presented about possibly doing as a fundraiser and it was decided upon not to do it.

    Old Business-Mary Whiting

    Back to School night and Fall Pictures both went well.

    New Business-Mary Whiting

    1. Directory/Volunteer Information Input (directory release)-We will send out a form to have parents okay their correct information and to give us permission to use their information in the school directory.
    2. Parents to Lunch Week-Coming up in 2 weeks.
    3. Need Someone to Co-Chair Spring Book Fair (possibly future years)-We are still looking for someone to co-chair this event. Kristen Haldeman said that she would consider helping in the spring.
    4. Roller-skating Party-3 committee members from each school are starting to plan this event.
    5. Teacher Conference Meals-Jen Bushey is in charge of and will send out a sign up closer to the time.

    Upcoming Events-Mary Whiting

    1. Parents to Lunch Week/Book Fair Week-October 11-21st
    2. Roller-skating Party-November 19th


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  • September 12th, 2016 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 9/13/2016

    Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

    Attendance: Kelly Rohrer, Jen Fox, Kristen Haldeman, Pam Grissinger, Jennifer Bushey, Amy Minnich, Ashley Evans, Dawn Goodhart, Amanda Richardson, Erin Shelly, Mary Whiting, Candy Snyder, Kari Nye, Kerri Mateer, Allison Grimm, Cheryl Martin, Casey Davis, Courtney Winters, Sabrina Parraga, Nikki Brubaker, Candice Duong, Suzanne McMechen, and Principal Paynter.

    Approval of May Minutes-Motion to approve minutes made by Jennifer Bushey and second motion for approval made by Amy Minnich.

    Teacher’s Report-Mrs. McMechen

    Teachers are looking forward to an exciting year. Keep an eye on backpacks for correspondence.

    Principal’s Report-Mr. Paynter

    Mr. Paynter thanked everyone for their warm welcome to Doe Run on Gramby. Mr. Paynter and Mr. Pyle want to improve parent communication this year with parents and they are open to options of the best way to communicate. Mr. Paynter and Mr. Pyle are still working out their schedule of which school they will be at each day. If they can come up with a permanent schedule they will make it public. If parents have a problem/concern they can e-mail Mr. Paynter or both Mr. Pyle and Mr. Paynter. Hotmail accounts and some others are not receiving e-mails; they are working on rectifying.

    Treasurer’s Report-Kelly Rohrer and Sabrina Parraga

    Budget was presented for this school year. Changed line items from last year were highlighted and discussed. Line item for Holiday Craft was increased to $2,000 from $1,800 to cover the cost of $5 per student. Motion to approve amended budget made by Kristen Haldeman and second motion for approval made by Kerri Mateer.

    Old Business-Mary Whitiing

    Mr. Pyle has told us that Race for Education has been approved.

    New Business-Mary Whiting

    1. A) Field Trip Decision-We needed to decide what to do with field trips for this year; fund the whole field trip, fund part of the field trips, or leave as is with parents paying for the field trips. This was put to a vote and it was decided that field trips would not be funded this year and we would leave it as it is with parents paying for field trips including First Grade’s Gretna Glen field trip.
    2. B) Directory/Volunteer Information Input (directory release)-Parents will need to fill out the cosmic red paper for PTO so that the PTO can have parent’s information. This will allow parents to receive e-mails from the PTO about upcoming opportunities to volunteer and events. There was a reminder given to let the PTO, room mom and office know if any changes to your information during the year occur.
    3. C) Room Parents-Meeting was held before PTO meeting at 6:30pm.
    4. D) Parents to Lunch Week-We will need 3 helpers each day. We will be posting sign-up for helpers on Facebook and then on the PTO manger. Book Fair funds Scholastic Readers and the free book that the children receive at the end of the year.
    5. E) Need a Hershey Park Ticket Chair Person-Room parents will send out an e-mail to their class parents to see if someone is interested in chairing this.

    Upcoming Events-Mary Whiting

    *Back to School Night-September 12th

    *Fall Pictures-September 27th

    *Parents to Lunch Week/Book Fair-October 11-21st


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  • May 3rd, 2016 Minutes

    Posted by Kelly Rohrer on 5/3/2016

    Meeting called to order at 7PM

    Attendance: Mary Whiting, Krista Gray, Karen Hess, Sabrina Parraga, Toche Groff, Cheryl Martin, Kristen Haldeman, Jen Bushey

    Secretary’s Report:  Krista Gray

    April meeting minutes reviewed. Motion to approve minutes made by Kristen Haldeman and second motion for approval made by Cheryl Martin. Minutes passed.

    Treasurer’s Report:  Sabrina Parraga

    Budget reviewed with recent transactions highlighted.

    Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Hess

    Principal Hess voiced appreciation for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts. Staff and volunteers now finalizing plans for Race for Education the second week of May.

    Teacher’s Report: Mrs. McMechen (Not present)

    Reminder given to teachers to submit receipts as soon as possible for reimbursement from PTO funds.

    Old Business: Mary Whiting

    1. Yearbook– Yearbooks have arrived at the school and are being sorted by Mary Whiting.
    2. Elementary schools combined PTO meeting – The PTOs from all 3 elementary schools met 2 weeks ago. Plan is to streamline PTO activities. Plan to possibly trial a new fundraiser such as a Color Run. There are plans for possible combined activities with all elementary schools to allow common interactions among students. Idea was mentioned of a possible roller skating party. Plan in the future is to combine all elementary school budgets.

    New Business: Mary Whiting

    1. Race for Education – Plan is set for the second week in May with a rain date set for May 20th. Current contributions were $11,500 with still more time for fund raising.
    2. Staff Appreciation Week – May 2nd – 6th. PTO to give gift cards to staff. Room parents were given instructions to send out emails to parents with the theme for each day of the week.
    3. Staff Appreciation Week – May 2nd to May 6th – Recommendation made to streamline days so that each grade is doing the same thing for the teachers on the same day. This will help parents who have children in multiple grades.
    4. End of Year Carnival – Sue Voegele – June 3rd – no committee members present, but everything has been ordered for the event and volunteers already arranged.
    5. 4th Grade Celebration – June 10th – Rock and Roll theme. Plan is for breakfast followed by an awards ceremony. There will be music, star balloons, a balloon arch, and a photo booth.
    6. Vote on 2016/2017 officers - Vote held by all attendees at the meeting. The below officers for 2016/2017 were elected by a unanimous vote.
    • President – Mary Whiting
    • Vice President – Kristen Haldeman
    • Co – Treasurers – Kelly Rohrer, Sabrina Parraga
    • Secretary – Jen Fox

    Upcoming Events: Mary Whiting         

    1. Race for Education – May 13th
    2. End of Year Carnival – June 3rd
    3. 4th Grade Breakfast/Celebration – June 10th

    Adjournment: 8:00PM

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