• Girls on the Run is an Internationsal program started by Molly Barker in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    The Stiegel team is part of the Girls on the Run Lancaster, which is one of the largest branches in the United States.  In March 2015, we started our 1st season!  Currently we have 4 coaches (both parents and staff) and have a team of 8 girls.

    Each practice starts with a healthy snack.  We then head into discussion on a specific topic that can range from pacing ourselves while running and having a healthy body, to being a good friend, pulling out the negative cord, and standing up for ourselves.  After a time of discussion and sometimes written work, we do a time of warm-up and then finish with a work out session and wrap-up session.  Each week finds the girls running longer distances, and shortening their run times.  There are energy cheers for the girls as well as incentives for each lap they run.

    Our Stiegel Girls did an awesome job on their practice 5K run on November 2nd.  Good luck at Millersville on November 12th! 


    For more information, you may visit the Lancaster GOTR website:    www.gotrlancaster.org