14 Day Rolling Count

  • The Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Education changed the process for tracking COVID-19 cases and have now required schools to move to 100 percent online when a specified number of COVID+/probable  cases are reached within a 14-day rolling count. The number of cases that will initiate a move to online is based upon the size of the building.  The count date reflects the number of cases in a 14 day range.  If probables return negative test results, they are removed from our rolling count.  Our ranges, and our current closure count are ilisted in the chart below: (Edited 4:00 PM 6/1/21).  


    Temporary Closure Range

    Building 14 Day Rolling Count

    (Current Date)- start of 14 day range

    High School  6-8 0 (6/1/21)- reset on 4/27/21
    Middle School  4-6 0 (6/1/21)- reset on 4/5/21
    Doe Run Elementrary  4-6 0 (6/1/21)- reset on 2/22/21
    Baron Elementary  2-4 0 (6/1/21)- reset on 4/19/21

Active Confirmed Positive/Probable Cases

  • Data below will be updated daily on school days. This chart is different than the one above.  It counts the number of current acvite COVID+ cases.  It does not reset like the chart above, but shows positive/probable cases until they are cleared to return to school.  (Edited 4:000 PM 6/1/2021).


    Active Probable Covid-19 Cases

    Active Confirmed Positive Covid-19 Cases

    High School 0 0
    Middle School 0 0
    Doe Run Elementrary 0 0
    Baron Elementary 0 0
    School Building Totals 0 0
    Other* 0 0
    District-Wide Totals 0 0

     *Others include District Office Staff, Maintenance Staff, Food Service Staff, and District-wide Staff.