Frequently Asked Questions for Athletic Physicals

    • Does my athlete need a physical for each sport?
      No. One PIAA physical per athlete covers them for the entire school year. After the initial sport is completed a section 7 re-certification needs to be signed by the athlete and parent/guardian.

    • What is a section 7 recertification form?
      A section 7 is a re-certification form that needs to be filled out by the parent/guardian. A doctor’s signature is not necessary. This form is to notify the athletic department of any changes in residence, insurance, or medical information since the original sports physical was completed. For winter and spring athletes, recertification forms will need to be filled out within six weeks of the beginning of the current season (including athletes who participated during the fall season) This only applies to athletes who's current physical is older than 6 weeks.

    • When can I schedule a sports physical?
      Sports physicals for the sports season CAN NOT be completed before the first of June for the following school year.

    • My athlete had a school physical for 11th grade. Do they still need a sports physical?
      Yes. A school physical form and sports physical are different forms. Most doctors will fill out both forms at the same appointment. Check with your physician before your appointment.

    • Where can I get the sports physical form?
      Physical forms can be found on the Manheim Central Athletic web page. The High school and Middle school office also have copies of the PIAA sports physical, recertification and eligibility forms.

    • When do I need to hand in my form?
      All forms must be handed in BEFORE the first day of practice. Forms can be handed in to the high school or middle school office. All forms will be forwarded to the athletic trainer.

    • When do I need to have a doctor’s note?
      A doctor’s note is needed for all injuries sustained (in season) during, practice or competitions. Your athlete will not be able to participate until the athletic trainer has a completed doctor’s note.

    • What is a section 8 re-certification form?
      A section 8 is a re-certification form from the physician that your athlete saw for his/her injury. This form is to clear your athlete for the next sport season. While you have already handed in a letter for your child to return to play, this clearance allows your athlete to play the following sports season.

    • My athlete participates in MAA and would like to participate in Manheim Central athletics. Do I still need a physical?
      Yes. You can have the PIAA sports physical filled out the same time that they fill out the MAA paperwork.

    • Where are the school sports physicals preformed?
      Your family doctor or at Manheim Central High School*. 


    *See Sports Physical Schedule on our website for dates and times to have your physical completed at Manheim Central High School.

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