Mission, Vision, & Shared Values of Manheim Central

  • Our Mission at Manheim Central School District is...

      • To prepare responsible citizens who are lifelong learners.
  •  We envision a Manheim Central School District in which...

      • All members of the school community value, trust, and respect each other.

      • The community is dedicated to ensuring that students acquire the academic, technical, and life skills necessary to enhance and fully develop their unique capabilities.

      • Each student is actively engaged in independent and collaborative 21st century learning.

      • Each student is motivated, challenged, and prepared to become a lifelong learner.

      • Students are prepared to contribute positively and responsibly to an ever-changing, increasingly diverse community, society, and world.

      • The commitment to continuous improvement guides decisions and actions.

      • Learning occurs in a safe, secure, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

      • Broad community support is generated for the programs and services of the district through partnerships between school, home, and community.

      • Leadership, citizenship, and excellence are encouraged, developed, and recognized throughout the district.


  • We Believe…

      • A quality education encompasses standards of excellence in every curricular area, which provides all students with the opportunity to reach their individual potential. 

      • Shared accountability and collective responsibility by all stakeholders (students, staff, parents, and community), are essential to maximize student success. 

      • In fostering a culture of positive student interactions and school spirit through a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities. 

      • Learning requires a safe, secure, and nurturing environment where character is developed, relationships are valued, and there is a mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders.


         We Are - Proud to be a Baron!!!!!!!