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Activities Committee Meeting Minutes 1-9-2023

Manheim Central School District
Activities Committee Meeting
Minutes January 9, 2023

In attendance: Mr. Marc Schaffer, Dr. Amy Flannery, Mr. Andy Sensenig, Mr. Josh Weitzel, Mr. Steve Bushey, Mr. Justin Barbush, Dr. Ryan Axe, Mr. Matt Linder, Dave Hahn

The meeting was called to order at 4:03PM by Mr. Schaffer.

  1. Mr. Schaffer welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Mr. Sensenig as the new Board Representative to the committee and Mr. Bushey as the Alternative Board Representative. He also thanked Mr. Clair for his time and service as the previous Board Representative to the committee.
  1. Mr. Schaffer gave a brief update on the start of the winter sports season and each team’s successes thus far.

3.Upcoming Field Project

2.Mr. Schaffer and administration stated that with the potential field project at Baron Fields and Doe Run, there might be future requests for facility rentals of outside organizations. It was discussed that the committee (in conjunction with the Finance/Business Operations committee) begin to consider a rental and fee structure for future use.

3.Administration will use the first year following the project to monitor use of own programs before considering outside rentals.

4.Concern was expressed about ensuring our teams and programs have priority of space over outside organizations.

7.Expanding Athletic Opportunities/Programs

5.Mr. Schaffer presented on exploring the addition of several athletic & activity programs, including e- Sports, Unified Sports, and Middle School Girls Volleyball, with the goal of providing more extracurricular opportunities for students.

6.Grants are available through the Emerald Foundation for e-Sports programs. Seasons are semester based and schools have several games to choose from. Baron Code and eligibility requirements will need to be followed to participate.

7.Administration is meeting this week with Special Olympics to discuss Unified Track. Unified Bocce is another option. Special Olympics provides funding for equipment, coaching stipends, and coaching training. Rosters consist of a proportional number of Special Olympics-eligible athletes and students without intellectual or developmental disabilities, as defined by Special Olympics. Administration will need to determine participation interest since the roster must consist of a minimum 40% Special Olympics-eligible athletes and 40% of students without a disability (who are not participating in a PIAA sport that season), with the other 20% consisting of either of these groups. More information will be provided to the committee at the next Activities Committee meeting.

8.Mr. Schaffer stated that administration would like to consider adding Middle School Girls Volleyball as a school-sponsored sport beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. It is currently club sponsored through the Girls Volleyball SAO. Roster numbers have been good over recent years. The Lancaster- Lebanon League will be sponsoring Middle School Girls Volleyball as of the 2024-2025 school year as well. More information including budgetary considerations will be provided to the committee at the next Activities Committee meeting prior to asking for full School Board consideration.


12.Follow-up from Previous Meeting

9.Baron Code

i.Mr. Schaffer stated that the school solicitor returned the Baron Code with their edits and recommendations. Mr. Schaffer and administration will review the legal recommendations and provide copy to the committee prior to asking for full School Board consideration at the next Activities Committee meeting.

11.Athletic/Activity Admission

ii.Mr. Schaffer presented an overview of current athletic admission structure, as well as fall sports income and athletic admission after interest was expressed previously for free admission for Manheim Central High School students in grades 9-12. Students in grades K-8 and all visiting students would still be charged admission to contests.

13.Digital Sponsorship Opportunities

iii.Mr. Schaffer also presented on sponsorship opportunities as one solution to off-set the potential loss of income if the School Board approved free athletic admission for MCHS students in grades 9-12. Some concern was expressed over not competing with the same sponsors as Booster Clubs. The committee asked for administration to put together a model as to what the Athletic Department sponsorships would look like.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:51PM.