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March 12 2020 Minutes

Business Operations and Facilities Committee, Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 6:00pm - held in District Office Board Room.

Present for the meeting:

Staff -- Dr. Aiken, Mr. Howett, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Martin, Dr. Flannery

Board Members – Mr. Clair, Mr. Neid

Committee / Community Members – Mr. Geib, Mr. Shelly, Mr. Snavely

  1. Meeting called to order by Dr. Aiken at 6:02pm.
  2. SchoolGate Guardian Visitation Management System – Dr. Flannery explained we are looking to make visitor check-in procedures easier for the front offices, we looked at 5 systems and District is recommending School Gate Guardian. Scans in ID and stores your information in the system. Also, stores custody information and scans for sexual predators. We spoke with other local schools about the product. Est Total $6,100 for 5 buildings. Continual reinvestment $3,000. The District is hoping to purchase and implement this summer.

Board approval will be on a future agenda.

3. Memorial Update-Working on revising the policy and capture all the memorials throughout the District and put them in one location. Either at District Office or High School location. Mr. Clair thinks the HS location would be the best location. The plan would be to construct it during the HS renovation project. Mr. Brown said most of the current memorials are high school students. Mr. Gieb agreed with the HS location.

4. Mr. Howett – informed the committee the MS will need some upgrades soon. The MS building is now about 13 years old.

5. Sound System Rettew Stadium – Mr. Brown spoke about Clair Brothers coming to look at upgrading stadium sound- system and installing a volume control system so we don’t have blown speakers, which is an ongoing problem. Clair Brothers quote is $10,000 equipment and $7,000 labor. Board approval on a future agenda.

6. Doe Run Parking – Dr. Aiken we need to revisit this project, which direction should we go?

Mr. Neid – Thinking we should solve the parking problem first and plan for the fields at the same time. Mr. Snavely agrees. Discussions about using the baseball field space for parking. 75-100 parking spaces.

7. Mr. Geib asked for a HS update, Dr. Aiken explained the project is waiting until the State decides about Plan Con. The application process is scheduled to open July 1, 2020.

Meeting adjourned at 7:06pm