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Updated Wellness Policy

With the growing number of food allergies and dietary concerns among our student population, and the unknown ingredients in the foods coming from home, the MCSD has tried to come up with a way to keep our students safer.  To this end, the Manheim Central School Board has made changes to our Wellness Policy. Click here to view Board Policy 246

How does the updated wellness policy affect birthday treats?

Birthday treats will no longer be able to include any food items.  We take great pride in making our students feel special on their birthday with announcements, classroom songs, etc.  If you would like to recognize your child on his/her birthday, we encourage you to share a non-edible item that supports the learning process. Some ideas may include donating a book to the classroom (signed and dated by the student), pencils, erasers, etc.

How does the updated wellness policy affect the snack my student brings to school?

Students will be able to continue to bring healthy snacks for themselves and continue to follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook.  Students/Parents will not be able to provide snacks for other students or the whole class.

How are the classroom parties (up to four) scheduled and planned?

These parties will be planned in collaboration between the classroom teacher and the room parent.  All communication regarding food options, sign-ups, and information will be shared by the classroom teacher and room parent.    

When do these changes take effect?

The updates to this policy have been board approved and will begin immediately.