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School Board Recognition

School Director Recognition Month

In honor of school boards’ commitment to our learners, schools and communities, January is once again designated School Director Recognition Month.

Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million learners and 3,000 are in the Manheim Central School District. The nine members of our local school board are a key part of the district’s administrative team, making informed decisions that shape public schools and provide a pathway to success for every learner.

On average, school directors, who are unpaid, devote up to 10 hours per month to the challenging and complex responsibilities of board business, including adopting policy, voting on budgets, evaluating school security issues and reviewing hiring decisions.

To thank these locally elected officials, the Manheim Central School District honored the School Board members at the January 27, 2020 School Board Meeting.  High School learners presented Board Members with hand blown glass rose paperweights, Middle School learners read individually framed poems, and Elementary learners made personalized name plates and shared an amazing appreciation video!  Board members, were wowed by the monthly Learners of the Month, including Elementary learners Makenna Linder, Maggie Reed, and Odin Oatman; Middle School learner Landon Zeiset and members of the High School Attollo Recruit Program.  Lieutenant Andrew Kirchner and Chief Duane Ober of the Manheim Fire Department were also recognized for their outstanding response to a bus accident in the fall involving District special need students.

Superintendent Dr. Peter Aiken acknowledged his appreciation to be Board pointing out how their influence and devotion was a direct reflection of the success of these students who were honored this night and throughout the District each and every day! Board members received a Certificate of Appreciation, thanking them for always leading with #extremeBARONownership!

 Pink Out for Makenna   Board Gifts

        School Board Members “PinkOutForMakenna”