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Update from Dr. Peter J. Aiken, Superintendent of School - March 25, 2021


Good Day Baron Nation! I hope this email finds you well. Hard to believe Spring is upon us…and the Pirates are still in first place. 😊


  • TEMPERATURE CHECKS- We have been monitoring student temperatures before they enter the building since the start of school when Fever was a symptom in column A.  When Fever shifted to column B, we started looking at our data to show how many students were reporting febrile (both Column A and B charts can be found on the COVID portion of the District Website under ‘Parent Resources’). As of last week, as a District, this process has caught between 0-1 students per building for the entire year.  Therefore, starting Monday, March 29, 2021 students will no longer have their temperatures taken before they enter school.  Please screen your kids before they leave for school…and if they are sick or showing symptoms, please stay home!

Temperatures will continue to be checked for Visitors at the front offices.

  • End of School Year- The last day for all learners will be Friday, June 4th.
  • Parent Survey – As we plan for next year, we are respectfully requesting for you to take a few minutes to complete the following surveys. (The Surveys will close on Thursday, April 8th.) Your feedback is critical as prepare and plan for next year. As you know, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty on what next year will look like…as we know definitively more information, we will communicate same.

Grades K-6 Parent Survey

Grades 7-12 Parent Survey

If I were to describe the collective mood of our staff, students, and even community at large right now, I would say ‘tired’. No doubt the past year has been challenging on so many levels for all of us.

We have about a quarter of the year left. So how do we power through, and finish strong?

To be succinct, I believe it’s through purpose. I inherently believe we all have a purpose to fulfill on this earth. If you take some quiet time to reflect…and come back to our collective, yet unique purpose in this time and space – we can face and win the day in front of us.

I recently read an article about Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition (great book by the way…).

Shackleton was notorious for promoting daily journal writing – and during this journey, even in the midst of death and destruction all around them, encouraged his men to write the life lessons they were experiencing. He believed ‘their story had purpose…it was important, and it was worth telling.’ The lessons they would garner on this expedition would live on for generations to come.

We all have lessons to be learned from the past year. Again, if you take some time to reflect on those lessons…I do believe it may shed some light on the point and purpose of our lives. As Victor Frankl notes in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, “In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.”

Hang on. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. And, I believe determining and/or reaffirming your purpose will power you through.

Please be in touch if there is anything you might need on my end. Hope you have a great weekend- Always, Proud to be a Baron- pja

March Song of the Month: As I was writing today’s message, this line from Pearl Jam’s Nothingman kept playing in my head: “He who forgets, will be destined to remember.”