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Community of Learners Professional Development

Community of Learners Professional Development Day

On October 7, 2022, Manheim Central School District hosted a Teacher’s Professional Development Day offering 50 sessions geared to the Social, Emotional Learning, Trauma Informed Practices and Wellness for Manheim Central Staff to choose to attend. 

The day began with Keynote Speaker, AJ Rinaldi from Milton Hershey School presenting the topic Defining the Difference Maker: Relationship, Leadership, and Stewardship.  PA Department of Education (PDE) Executive Deputy Secretary Dr. Deborah Carrera stopped in for a visit and thanked the Teachers for their dedication and commitment to students, especially during the past few difficult years where there has been a decline in teacher retention rates and fewer new teachers entering the field.

Dr. Axe appreciated her visit and words of encouragement.  At Manheim Central we are fortunate to have teachers, administrators, staff, and a School Board that care about students and are invested in the Community.  That is one of the primary reasons we do not have staff shortages that some other districts are facing.  We are proud of our entire school district and family.

The day ended with staff reflecting on what they had learned and having the opportunity to pick out a special resource item for their classroom!