Volunteering at MCSD

  • Manheim Central School District values unique contributions made by parents and community volunteers to the educational programs of the school district. In an effort to ensure the safety of our students, the district has established a volunteer policy that requires certain documentation for all its volunteers. Please see the matrix for an explanation of the types of volunteers and the required forms/clearances each type needs to complete.

    Click each link to apply for clearances.  PA Criminal Background and Child Abuse are free of charge to volunteers. 

Volunteer Matrix

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FAQs on Volunteering at MCSD

    1. Why is it necessary for me to obtain these clearances?

      The safety of our students is a District priority. The District values the strong community and school partnership which enriches the education of students and allows the community to become more familiar with the District’s many offerings and events. In an effort to continue this strong relationship and ensure the safety needs of students, the District requires specific clearances depending on a person’s level of involvement / interaction with students.

    2. Who is considered a volunteer?

      A volunteer is defined as any individual who has direct contact with students and performs a service for the District without compensation. The District has defined two classifications of volunteers and examples can be found on the volunteer website.

    3. How long does it take for each clearance to be completed?

      Act 34-PA State Police Criminal History can be completed online and received immediately if there are no reported incidents. Act 114-Federal Criminal History Report can be completed by obtaining fingerprints at an authorized location. Results can be expected in 14 days. Act 151- Child Abuse Background Check requires a form to be completed and mailed. Results can be expected in 14 days.

    4. If I have a question, whom do I contact?

      Please contact Kelly Shenk at 664-8548.

    5. Where do I submit my affidavit and clearances?

      Applications should be submitted to one of the school offices in the District and all information on volunteers will be shared District-wide.

    6. If I have children in more than one building, do I need to submit information to each building?

      Persons interested in volunteering do not need to submit multiple applications; rather, applications should be submitted to one of the school offices in the District and all information on volunteers will be shared District-wide.

    7. Must I update my clearances every school year?

      You are required to update your clearances every 60 months.

    8. May I use my clearances from my employment?

      Yes, with a review of your clearances by the Employer’s Human Resources Dept